Meet Cameron Boyce’s Sister Maya Boyce: Her Career, Boyfriend, & More

Cameron Boyce, a Disney star most known for playing Carlos in one of the Descendants franchise’s principal characters, has a sister named Maya. The Disney XD comedic series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything made Maya’s actor brother famously (2015–2017).

At the age of 20, Cameron passed away in July 2019 from epilepsy while sleeping. When she was alive, Cameron frequently spoke of his sister, Maya Boyce, and did so on social media a lot.

Maya is living the celebrity lifestyle now that she is in her 20s, though not to the same level as her deceased brother. Instead, she is gaining attention for her activism work and how she is paying tribute to her deceased sibling.

It turns out that she is also fighting for a lot outside of herself as she navigates the uncertain waters of early adulthood. Learn about everyone in the writings below.

Might Boyce Has Social Worker Family Origins

Born on December 28, 2001, Maya Boyce. She was raised in Los Angeles, California, together with her late brother, Cameron. Their mother, Libby, works with the homeless population in Los Angeles.

Libby, a Jewish woman who was the mother of Maya and Cameron, reportedly provided healthcare services on Skid Row. When the AIDS pandemic first began, Cameron’s mother worked as a social worker in the health field. After that, she coordinated and managed teams on Skid Row for the homeless.

The late actor Cameron Boyce’s younger sister is Maya Boyce.

The grandmother of AD Maya’s father was a civil rights advocate. Additionally, her late brother led a variety of organizations, including the fight against gun violence.

Victor Boyce, her father, is an African-American professional cyclist. The actor from Mirrors once claimed that his father had instructed him and Maya not to waste their skills.

Relationship Between Cameron Boyce, Maya Boyce’s brother

It seemed as though Maya and Cameron had a wonderful friendship. They frequently appeared on each other’s social media accounts, whether it was to send birthday wishes, share old images, or for other reasons.

Cameron Boyce, Maya Boyce’s brother, died in July 2019. According to Maya, the two were very close.
Cameron Boyce, the late brother of Maya Boyce. From Instagram

2017 saw his high school graduation, and Maya posted on Instagram,

“My dearest friend turned 18 AND graduated.” He’s some kind of grown-up man.

With the same freckled features and curly brown hair, she shared a striking resemblance to her deceased brother.

She majored in theater at university.

At the age of 19, Maya enrolled as a freshman in college to study theater in Boston.

She once admitted that after graduation, acting was always her intention. She also revealed that she and her brother both developed their creative abilities around the same time and that they essentially created the ideas for their actions.

Maya pursued modern theater. The study focuses on figuring out what best suits the students as opposed to a pre-planned curriculum. The brunette Cameron’s sister would rather go back on stage or act in a horror film.

Maya played Maggie in Arthur Miller’s After the Fall at the beginning of 2021. Her pals participated in the production because they were impressed by her overall optimism.

Maya Boyce Performs Numerous Public Service Activities

Maya and the rest of her family continually support and work for many organizations and organizations to carry on her late brother’s humanitarian efforts.

Maya and the rest of her family kept up their support of Cameron’s foundations and charities even after he passed away.
Maya Boyce, sister of the late actor Cameron Boyce, contributes to charities such as The Cameron Boyce Foundation, The Thirst Project, and Wielding Peace. Text from Teen Vogue

She works continually on the Thirst Project in addition to several Cameron’s efforts, such as Wielding Peace. The primary areas of emphasis are epilepsy research and awareness.

When mass shootings in the US were at their worst, her departed brother started a project called The Wielding Peace.

She Has Always Worked in Social Service

When discussing her charitable initiatives with Teen Vogue, the teenage activist noted,

My parents instilled in me the values of generosity and the proper use of our privilege.

Maya has been a part of it since a young age. Cameron Boyce’s younger sister recalls going to some of the shelters her mother worked at as a child. She recalled her family coming to the children’s Christmas parties and hanging out with them.

Additionally, she was a model.

Maya Boyce, Victor, and Libby’s youngest child enjoys modeling as well, however once more for the sake of her brother’s charitable endeavors.

For Tower 28 Beauty, she once posed. According to reports, the company produces vegan and cruelty-free goods. The business’s profits are exclusively donated to her brother’s charities.

Additionally, Cameron Boyce’s sister has posed for several charitable organizations. to perform and assist charity Maya Boyce, Cameron Boyce’s sister, has also posed for pictures as a model.

Along with acting and volunteering for nonprofits Maya Boyce, Cameron Boyce’s sister has also posed for pictures as a model. Youth Vogue

However, it’s not obvious if Maya is a vegan. Maya has also modeled for the high-end resort line Ocean & Main, which uses artisanal and repurposed materials that are locally produced and sourced ethically.

She also models for the Wild for a Cure campaign’s merchandise.

Maya Boyce Films And Television

Maya has so far earned four credits in show business. She made her debut on television with the TV show Piper’s Quick Picks, in which she starred as only herself. She then made subsequent appearances as herself in programs like Disney 365 and Piper’s Picks TV. In the 2020 TV movie Bresha, she made her debut in front of the camera.

How Did Cameron Boyce, Her Brother, Pass Away?

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, Cameron, Maya’s brother, was discovered dead at his North Hollywood residence by the police. Later, the 20-year-family old’s revealed that he had epilepsy before passing away.

Boyce’s family later released a statement in which they claimed that their son had passed away in his sleep as a result of a seizure brought on by a chronic illness for which he was receiving treatment.

However, the autopsy and preliminary inquiry reports were having trouble determining the precise cause of death.

Everyone afterward concluded that the Eagle Eye actor passed away as a result of an epileptic seizure. They added that epilepsy has been identified as Cameron’s condition. Cameron was only 20 when he passed away.

Maya Boyce’s Statements Following Her Brother’s Death

In her first statement since her brother’s passing in July 2019, Maya Boyce made the following through her Instagram a day after hearing the heartbreaking news:

“Yes, he passed away. I do feel sorry. Cameron was my closest pal. He is a person I will always look up to. Unlike anyone else’s, his smile had the power to illuminate a space. He was flawless.

Additionally, the Bresha actress admitted,

“I’m obviously devastated. I’ll continue to be throughout my life.

The 20-year-old theater major claimed that just hours before his passing, her older brother was “Happy.”

She continued, saying it was natural and enjoyable, to be with him just hours before he passed away. The actress/model/social worker described how happy her brother was. The most beautiful gift Maya had ever received, she said, was to have spent 17 years knowing what it was like to be loved by Cameron Boyce.

She also claimed that her brother had said that anyone with a voice has the right to use it to advocate for change; her brother, however, did not take that statement lightly.

How She Is Surviving Her Brother With Her Family

Maya and her parents established the Cameron Boyce Foundation in July 2019, nine days after their beloved family member passed away, to carry on his work and pay tribute to his legacy. Since then, their objective has been to continue the charitable endeavors Cameron had started as well as to raise money and awareness about epilepsy.

AD Boyce thinks her constant motivation comes from her charitable work.

Maya Boyce is dating someone.

Maya is romantically involved with PJ Diaz right now (Instagram). The Californian model first introduced Diaz to her Instagram followers in November 2019. She hasn’t revealed when or how she met her boyfriend. Maya shared a collection of images of her beloved and wrote,

“A collection of pictures of you acting silly and adorable. You have my undying love. Birthday greetings

Since high school, Maya has been seeing a man by the name of PJ Diaz.

Following that, the couple continued to post brief glimpses of their relationship on their respective social media platforms. But based on the fact that they were reportedly each other’s prom dates, the couple appears to have been dating since their high school years.

Diaz, Maya’s boyfriend, is a staff member of the Cameron Boyce Foundation, run by her brother.

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