Meet Camelia Kath And Learn About Her Husband, Marriage, Career, Net Worth, and more!

Camelia Kath is an American actress who has appeared in films and television shows such as Fake-Out and The Killing Time. She is well-known in the media as the widow of American singer Terry Kath, in addition to being a renowned actress.

Following the death of her first husband, Kath married for the second time, this time to Kiefer Sutherland. Her second husband, though, seemed to have already divorced her. She is the mother of two children from her previous marriages. Furthermore, Camelia is currently dating Jeff Lynne, her new beau. Do they have any plans to tie the knot?

So, in this post, we’ll go over her career, marital relationships, and net worth in great depth. Let’s get started.

Camelia Kath- Early Life

Camelia Kath is an American actress who goes by the names Camillia Emily Ortiz and Camilia Lynn. She was born in Puerto Rico on September 22, 1953. She is currently 70 years old.

When it comes to her early years, she spent them at her hometown before moving to West Hollywood, California, with her parents. She hasn’t divulged anything about her parents so far, which is unfortunate.

Furthermore, she is of white heritage and is an American by nationality.


Camelia, as previously said, has had a great career in a variety of professions. She is a make-up artist and has created a few TV series in addition to being an actress.

She began her professional career in 1980, when she appeared in the film Terror on Tour as a small character. After that, she appeared in the 1982 thriller Fake-Out.

Her part in the show was a big hit, and she got a role in the 1984 TV show Buchanan High. She portrayed a Condo Manager in the series. Her most recent acting role was in the 1987 film The Killing Time, in which she played Laura Winslow.

She was the Nanny’s writer and executive assistant. She has tried her hand at writing in addition to acting. She even wrote an episode of the 1999 sitcom The Nanny called The Dummy Twins. Not only that, but she also served as the show’s executive assistant for over ten episodes.

Other Projects

In terms of her other contributions to the cinema and television industry, she produced the short film Roundabout in 1999. In the documentary Mr Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO, she also served as a makeup artist.

She has also appeared in documentaries such as Behind the Music, The Terry Kath Experience, and Mr Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne and ELO, among others.

Terry Kath, Camelia Kath’s ex-husband, was her first husband

Camelia is the widow of late American musician Terry Alan Kath, as previously stated. In 1974, the pair married in a very private ceremony.

Camelia allegedly met Terry when she was still a teenager in Chicago in June 1972. As we previously stated, their first meeting quickly blossomed into a passionate romance and, eventually, a wedding knot.

However, it appears that things were not meant to endure very long. Camelia’s then-husband Terry was killed in a gunshot over four years after they married.

What Caused Camelia’s Husband Terry’s Death?

According to sources, Terry, who enjoyed carrying weapons and target shooting, was killed by a bullet he was unaware of that was in the magazine. On January 23, 1978, about 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, he was apparently playing with his.38 revolver when the incident occurred.

Terry was constantly twirling his handgun in his finger, mockingly putting it on his temple and pulling the trigger, according to Don Johnson, Kath’s band technician who was also there during the incident.

When Johnson tried to stop him, he showed him the magazine that was empty. Terry accidentally killed himself again, not realizing there was a bullet in the chamber. He died when he was 31 years old.

Terry was previously married to Pamela Robinson from May 1970 to May 1975, before marrying Camelia.

Kiefer Sutherland is Kath’s second husband. Following Terry’s Death Camelia lived a solitary existence for nearly a decade after Terry’s death. After falling in love with Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, she eventually chose to move on.

After meeting in 1987 and dating for a few months, the pair married in September of that year. She even took on the role of stepmother to Kiefer’s children from a previous relationship. Unfortunately, with the birth of their daughter Sarah, things between them became a little humdrum. According to accounts, Sutherland didn’t spend enough time with his family, which led to their divorce in 1990.

Camelia Kath is a fictional character. Camelia is the mother of two children, in case you didn’t know. Michelle Kath, her first child from her relationship with her first spouse Terry, was born on May 19, 1976, in Los Angeles, California. Michelle, on the other hand, is a well-known film director and producer.

Sarah Sutherland, her second daughter, was born on February 18, 1988. Her second marriage to Kiefer resulted in the birth of her daughter. Sarah is an actress who has starred in films and television shows such as Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, The Kid Detective, Veep, What They Had, and others.

She’s a Grandmother as well

Camelia has already become a grandma in addition to being a mother. Michelle, her older daughter, is married and has two children from her marriage to Adam Sinclair. Camelia’s grandsons, Robert Quinn Sinclair and Hamish Sinclair, are her sons.

Kath seemed to love her interactions with both of her grandchildren.

Relationship Status

Camelia is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend/partner Jeffrey Lynne, after two failed relationships. She has been seeing a British singer since 2008, according to sources. The couple seemed to be happily together despite being in a relationship for almost 12 years.

The duo has made a lot of public appearances as a couple. They were last spotted together on February 5, 2008, at an event in Los Angeles.

Camelia Kath, Jeff Lynne’s girlfriend, and friends Olivia and Dhani Harrison Attend a Los Angeles Event Together
They were also spotted together at an ELO concert in September of this year. They appeared to be in love, and they still have a similar chemistry. So, do you think they’ll walk down the aisle? The couple doesn’t appear to have any plans to marry anytime soon, according to reports.

We do hope, though, that their love will last forever.

Camelia’s Net Worth 2022/2023

As an actor and producer, it’s very evident that she makes a lot of money. She also acquired a sizable sum of money from her second husband’s divorce settlement. In terms of her net worth, she is estimated to be worth roughly $1.4 million as of 2023.

Similarly, her current lover, Jeff, is worth $100 million.

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