Meet Cam Newton’s Son With Kia Proctor – Chosen Sebastian Newton!

Cam Newton, the only player in the modern age to win the Heisman Trophy, will go down in football history for the rest of his life.

His private life, on the other hand, has been rather different from his illustrious sporting career. Cam Newton is the father of four children, including Chosen Sebastian Newton.

With his former lover, Kia Proctor, Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, Camidas Swain Newton, and Cashmere Saint Newton.

Let’s learn more about Cam Newton’s son, Chosen Sebastian Newton, who was born in 2015 and is the first child of ex-couple Cam and Kia.

Chosen Sebastian Newton- Father-Son Relationship

Chosen Sebastian Newton is the firstborn child of Cam Newton, a well-known football player, and Kia Proctor, a model. Chosen adores both his father and mother’s companionship despite his parents’ separation. When it comes to their time together, Chosen and his father have a special affinity. He even has the same grin as his father, Cam Newton. Because Chosen is Cam’s firstborn child, we can conclude that he loves him dearly.

Chosen spends a lot of time with his father, Cam, therefore we may conclude that he has a football passion. Chosen Sebastian Newton’s father, Cam, is a three-time Pro Bowler and the 2015 NFL MVP; Chosen must have inherited his father’s gifted athletic abilities and quickness. Who knows, maybe Cam’s small son is already boasting about his father while playing in the fields with his pals.

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Chosen Sebastian Newton
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Cam Newton appears to be doing an excellent job of parenting his son and generating wonderful memories and experiences for him. We hope that this father-son bond continues to grow stronger.

Enjoys Spending Time With His Mother And Siblings

Chosen Sebastian Newton’s mother, Kia Proctor, is a former stripper who used to perform under the name “Hazel” at the Washington DC Stadium Club.

Chosen is the eldest of three siblings: Camidas Swain Newton and Cashmere Saint Newton, brothers, and sister, Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton. Little Chosen does, however, have an older sister named Shakira, who is the result of his mother Kia’s previous relationship.

Sebastian Newton, Cameron Newton’s son, has been chosen. Chosen also spends time with his mother Kia and brothers. Kia Proctor’s Instagram is the source of this image. Despite their separation, Cam Newton and Kia Proctor are parenting their children well in the midst of a custody battle for their children. Cam, Chosen’s father, is also rumored to be dating La Reina Shaw, with whom he shares a child.

Chosen Sebastian Newton Interrupting
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Nonetheless, we wish Cam Newton’s son Chosen Sebastian Newton every success in life.

Chosen Sebastian Newton – Name Meaning

Chosen refers to being chosen as the best or most appropriate option. Sebastian’s middle name is Latin in origin and means “venerable” or “reverent.”

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