Meet Anita Baker’s Son With Walter Bridgforth Jr. – Edward Carlton Bridgforth!

Anita Baker is a well-known figure in the entertainment world. Anita Baker’s bio shouts ‘RETURN MY MASTERS 2021,’ and she has asked her followers to refrain from purchasing or listening to her music on Spotify.

In addition, Anita will leave the stage following her farewell tour in 2021. She is a loving mother of two sons with her ex-husband, Walter Bridgforth Jr., in addition to having a successful career. As a result, here’s everything you need to know about Anita Baker’s son, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, and where he is.

The Family’s Second Child

Anita Baker has two boys with her former boyfriend, Walter Bridgforth Jr., during their decade-long marriage, as previously noted.

On December 24, 1988, the former Bridgforth couple married. The couple had two sons, the youngest of whom was Edward Carlton Bridgforth.

Furthermore, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, Anita Baker’s son, was born in May 1994, a year after his older brother, Walter Baker Bridgforth.

Regrettably, Anita kept her family secrets to herself. We do know, though, that Anita values her family above anything else.

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Edward Carlton Bridgforth
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As a result, Anita and her ex-husband, Walter Bridgforth, lavished love and care for their sons. Edward must have received the most attention from his family members because he is the youngest.

Furthermore, Edward is likely friendly with his older brother, Walter. They must have formed a strong bond despite the fact that they are only a year apart in age.

Regardless of Anita’s desire for privacy, early photographs of the complete family circulate on the internet from time to time.

Unfortunately, once Anita and Walter divorced in 2005, the family fell apart. Even back then, the former couple had a strong bond with their children and are especially close to their youngest son, Edward.

He’s also a music fan, but he’s a lot quieter than his siblings.

Edward inherited not only his mother’s secretive character but also his outstanding musical abilities. Furthermore, Edward and his brother, Walter, both work in the music industry.

Walter Bridgforth, Edward Bridgforth’s brother, is a producer and sound engineer with a lot of experience. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he majored in Music Production and Engineering.

Walter, meanwhile, has collaborated with well-known artists such as DJ Khalid and works as a sound engineer. Unlike Walter, Edward keeps a low profile when it comes to his life and job choices. For his mother, Anita Baker’s band, he supposedly plays guitar while his brother plays drums.

Edward Bridgforth, Anita Baker’s son, is hesitant to share his exceptional abilities with the rest of the world. However, we expect to hear more of his work in the days ahead.

Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s Parents Separated In the year 2008

Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s parents were married for numerous years before divorcing in 2005, as previously stated. Anita and Walter Bridgforth Jr. split in 2008 after only a few years of separation.

However, revelations from the amicable divorce resurfaced later in 2010, almost putting Anita in jail. Anita had refused to sign papers allowing experts to examine her music royalties, and she had just narrowly avoided going to jail.

Following their initial settlement, which specified that Walter Jr. would receive 50% of the revenues on the albums recorded during their marriage, Walter Jr. filed the lawsuit.

Baker escaped incarceration after her lawyers reached an agreement with her ex-lawyers, husband’s Bridgforth Jr’s representatives.

Edward Carlton Bridgforth’s parents adore him and his brother despite the difficult divorce and various legal issues. He also shared the stage alongside his brother and mother in a few award shows.

Finally, Edward Carlton Bridgforth, Anita Baker’s son, is very discrete about his whereabouts and avoids social media. As a result, let’s expect to hear more from him in the future and witness Anita gushing over her youngest.

Edward Carlton is a name with a meaning

Edward comes from the English name Edward, which means “prosperous.” Carlton, on the other hand, is an Old English word that signifies “free peasant settlement.”

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