McKinzie Roth Regards His Daughter as His Greatest Gift – Is He Still Married?

McKinzie Roth is a television broadcaster, radio personality, and spokesmodel who has covered a wide range of lifestyle and entertainment stories. She currently works as an entertainment insider TV host for WISH-TV in Indianapolis, which is owned by The CW.

Meanwhile, the 39-year-old diva runs the Blonde After Dark podcast, where she and her friends discuss dating, relationships, and societal concerns. McKinzie Roth had worked for numerous networks, including KGW TV, Alpha Media USA, and Comcast, as a television host and reporter.

McKinzie enjoys birthday celebrations

McKinzie, who was born on January 8, 1982, has a close relationship with her parents and frequently refers to them on social media. The TV host also enjoys celebrating her own and her family’s birthdays.

She turned to Instagram to express her love for her mum on her mother’s birthday, December 13, 2017. Her mother, she said, was the picture of grace, love, and kindness. In another instance, she posted an Instagram photo of her father on April 20, 2018, wishing him a happy birthday.

She captioned the photo, “Happy Birthday to my Amazing Dad.” “Thank you for being my most ardent supporter in my pursuit of my goals. I value our conversations, your advice, quick wit, laughter, and unconditional love.”

On January 8, 2021, McKinzie celebrated her 39th birthday by posting a series of photos on Instagram. She expressed her gratitude to everyone for their thoughtful birthday wishes.

Her Childhood Boyfriend Was Her Husband

The personal life of the All Indiana contributor has always been a big source of conversation. Many of her fans and watchers are intrigued as to whether she has a husband. However, the solution is a little more nuanced.

Patrick Michael Roth, McKinzie’s childhood boyfriend, was her husband. When McKinzie was 11 years old, they met. When they first started dating, the two lived barely three doors apart.

McKinzie and Patrick had been together for eight years when they married on February 14, 2004, after eight years of dating. Patrick was the district manager for National Wine and Spirits at the time, and she worked for Act I Modeling Agency.

They also welcomed their first child, a daughter called Lucy, on February 17, 2010. On Father’s Day in 2018, McKinzie posted on Instagram [which has since been deleted] to show her gratitude to her then-husband.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!!! Lucy struck the jackpot, thanks to Big P. Thank you for being such a fantastic Daddy and for everything you do, “The post’s caption was written by the spokesmodel.

McKinzie, on the other hand, has showed no evidence of her husband on social media or any other platforms in the years thereafter. In fact, when one of her followers queried, “No hubby?” in a comment on her June 16, 2019 post, she replied, “Nope.”

It’s unclear whether she meant that she didn’t have a husband or that he wasn’t present for the photo in the post [which featured her family]. As a result, nothing regarding her relationship status may be revealed unless she confirms it herself.

McKinzie Roth is frequently photographed with her daughter

Despite the fact that McKinzie has chosen to keep the facts of her married life and spouse private, she is open about her daughter Lucy, whom she affectionately refers to as Lu Lu.

She also used Instagram to wish her daughter a happy 11th birthday on February 17, 2021. She wrote that she didn’t know how to convey her pride in her daughter.

In a similar vein, the TV anchor remarked that her daughter was her best Christmas present in 2020. She commented on Instagram, “You are my greatest gift.” “It’s such an honor to be able to name you mine.”

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