Matty Matheson is increasing his net worth even after leaving Viceland network!

‘Munchies, It’s Suppertime!’ and ‘Dead Set on Life!’ are two of Matty Matheson’s most well-known shows. The former Vice actor has a sizable fortune. Be aware of his sources of money!

Cook Matty Matheson of Canada has made a name for himself as a chef and a social media star. Despite the fact that he is no longer a part of the Viceland channel, he has a net worth of $2 million, which he has accumulated through his best-selling cookbook, ‘Matty Matheson: A Cookbook,’ as well as his YouTube channel.


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Up until 2013, Matheson worked as an executive chef at Toronto’s New Parts and Labour Restaurant. He landed himself in a video for the Viceland network’s Munchies Series on “How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger” because of his lively demeanor. His first official appearance in front of a global audience was in this video.

Eventually, the chef was cast in a number of cooking shows produced by the same network. Keep It Canada, It’s Suppertime, and Dead Set on Life were among the TV programmes he hosted. His unique and amusing demeanor, as good as his dishes were, drew a lot of attention from spectators, making the shows a success.

Matty Matheson and Joe Rogan
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The star chef, on the other hand, severed his long-term working association with Viceland in 2019 with mutual understanding. Matheson decided to leave the network because he wanted to start his own food show. He also left the network because he didn’t want to do another travel show, which was one of the reasons he left.

He Started Own YouTube Channel after Failing to Get High Profile Shows

Matheson traveled to Los Angeles in the hopes of landing his next big break as a chef and TV host, hoping to land high-profile series or possibly a Netflix show. Despite the fact that he shot some culinary clips and attended a few meetings, nothing really ignited his interest. As a result, he created his own YouTube channel.

Matheson began filming the first season of his own show, Just a Dash, in July 2019. He later posted the first episode of his self-produced and directed cookery show in October 2019. The first season has over 1.5 million views on YouTube as of January 2021.

Following the success of his initial YouTube show, the chef created several new cooking shows, including Home Style Cookery, Just a Dash Season 2, and Hangover Cures. Clearly, the success of his YouTube career has boosted his net worth.

Matty Matheson’s Varied Sources of Income

Matheson has a large endorsement with McCain Canada in addition to his YouTube channel. During the epidemic, he signed the brand contract because he needed money to feed his family and run his business.

If the right opportunity comes along and I feel okay about it, I’ll do it. If you’re not a complete f**king monster, we can work together. There are some brands I can work with and some I can’t. In a pandemic, me losing the amount that I lost, when McCain called, I said yes. You want me to make frozen french fries? I’m in. That’s going to help feed my family, the business, and my small team. 

When it comes to his business, Matheson runs a small operation with two staff. The crew is extremely dedicated to their company’s success and works really hard to achieve it. The YouTuber also manages two web programs, including a podcast called Powerful Truth Angels and a series about a small farm called Blue Goose Farm. The former is a web series with music producer Benny Blanco, while the former is an unedited podcast where he reveals unscripted anecdotes.

He also makes money from his best-selling cookbook, ‘Matty Matheson A Cookbook,’ which he wrote. The renowned chef is also a shareholder in Maker Pizza in Toronto and Matty Matheson’s Meat & Three, a new enterprise that opened during the pandemic.

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