Here’s All You Need To Know About Matthew William Goode’s Daughter With Sophie Dymoke – Matilda Eve Goode!

Matilda Eve Goode, Matthew William Goode’s daughter, was born on March 1, 2009, to his wife Sophie Dymoke. Matthew has two other children in addition to Matilda. Teddie Eleanor Rose is his daughter, and Ralph Goode is his son.

Matilda Eve Goode is the eldest of three children born to Matthew William Goode. Matthew, Matilda’s father, is an actor.

He became well-known as a result of the film Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. Sophie, on the other hand, is a fashion designer who has worked for labels such as VINCE.

Matthew restricts his children’s access to the media.

Matthew William, like many other famous parents, prefers to keep his children out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Neve Campbell and JJ Feild, on the other hand, do the same with their son Caspian Feild. Matthew isn’t very active on either of his social media accounts, so we can’t expect him to share any images of his kids. He does make an appearance with his daughter, though.

Matilda Eve Goode Parents
Source: The Washington Indepenedent

In this shot, Matthew William Goode’s daughter Matilda Eve Goode is seen with him and his wife Sophie during a movie premiere. The entire family gathered at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City for a special screening of Disney’s “Cinderella.”

Even looking at a few of the few images of Matthew William Goode’s daughter Matilda Eve Goode, we can tell how she inherited her father’s beautiful looks. Although the daughter of Matthew William Goode is still young, she will have many options in the future.

She either follow in her father’s footsteps and become a performer, or she can follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in fashion. Is Matilda going to forge her own path?

There is no information on when or how they married, but Matthew and Sophie wedded a long time ago. A mutual friend introduced the lovely couple in 2005. They didn’t start dating for another two years. Matthew revealed the news of his marriage during an interview.

Matilda Eve Goode is a name with a meaning.

Along with her name, Matthew William Goode’s daughter has a lovely connotation. The name ‘Matilda’ comes from a German term that means “battle-mighty.”

Matilda Eve Goode
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Her middle name, Eve, is derived from a Hebrew word that signifies ‘life.’

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