Matt LeBlanc: Is He Married? ‘Friends’ Actor’s Life with Girlfriend

Friends actor Matt LeBlanc split up with his longtime girlfriend Aurora Mulligan in 2020, but the news broke only years later.

According to a close source close to the couple, the two of them(Matt LeBlanc) haven’t been “together in over a year.”

“Matt and Aurora’s relationship has run its course,” another insider told The Sun. It’s all over now. It’s a terrible shame, and Matt has taken the news as hard as anyone could.”

The source also mentioned the former couple’s age difference, saying they were “a really great match” despite their age difference.

The insider then speculated that LeBlanc and his girlfriend’s long-distance relationship may have contributed to their breakup.

“It was difficult for them when he announced he was leaving Top Gear and taking on other work. He was primarily based in Los Angeles and traveled extensively while Aurora was working in the United Kingdom, according to the source.

On ‘Top Gear,’ Matt LeBlanc met his ex-girlfriend

On the set of BBC’s Top Gear, a non-fiction series featuring automobile reviews and races, LeBlanc met his girlfriend Mulligan, who shared his passion for motors and vehicles.
From 2016 to 2019, the actor co-hosted the show, which was executive produced by the 35-year-old Irish television producer.

The couple preferred to keep their relationship hidden from prying eyes by rarely appearing on each other’s Instagram pages.

Despite keeping their romance private, LeBlanc and his girlfriend soon made public appearances at events such as the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the Hickstead Derby.

They were also seen out and about in various locations, including the London premiere of Top Gear’s 25th season.

The host of The Graham Norton Show asked him if he had moved to the UK after working on Episodes and Top Gear.

“It’s half and half,” the actor replied sheepishly. My girlfriend and I share a flat here, but my home is in Los Angeles. I spend a lot of time here, so I must like it!”

LeBlanc is a Married Man

Outside of his role as Joey Tribbiani on Friends, LeBlanc has been accused of being a womanizer.

Prior to Mulligan, LeBlanc was romantically involved with a number of other celebrities. In fact, he admitted that the only reason he became an actor was to pursue a “cute girl.”

He dated actress and model Teri Copley for about a half-year at the start of his television career in 1989, and his next high-profile relationship was with Almost Famous actress Kate Hudson, who was only seventeen years old at the time.

However, the relationship did not last long.

LeBlanc began dating British-American model Melissa McKnight in 1997. A year later, he proposed to his girlfriend.

Marina was born in 2004 after the couple married in 2003.

However, LeBlanc unexpectedly called off the wedding in 2006.

According to People, LeBlanc became involved with Joey, a fellow Friends spin-off co-star, and while McKnight hoped for a reconciliation, LeBlanc had other plans and filed for divorce.

Soon after his divorce, LeBlanc began dating Andrea Anders, his Joey co-star, and their relationship lasted eight years.

However, the relationship ended in 2015 after he was caught cheating at a Halloween party, despite the fact that his representatives denied the infidelity in a statement to E! News.

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