Marvin Lewis Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Marvin Lewis, 60, was born on September 23, 1958, in McDonald, Pennsylvania, to parents Marvin Lewis Senior and Vanetta. Marvin Lewis Senior, his father, was a professional steelworker, and Venetta, his mother, was a nurse.

Marvin’s profession had nothing to do with his family. They were all at different stages of their educational and professional careers, including his two sisters. Marvin himself was among the best in his class.

He had a 1200 point SAT score and several career options. However, he chose to become a football coach and has been doing so since his college days.

Marvin Lewis to Retire From the NFL After Being Fired?

Marvin began playing football when he was nine years old. His love for the game grew from there, and it never faded as he turned it into a profession with the passage of time.

During his high school and university years, Marvin continued to play quarterback and safety. Marvin, on the other hand, made his coaching debut as a linebackers coach in 1981.

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He began his coaching career at Idaho State University and later moved on to the University of New Mexico, Long Beach State University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Later that year, in 1992, Marvin made his NFL coaching debut. In the 1992 NFL season, he was hired as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebackers coach.

He held the same position before being hired as the Baltimore Ravens’ Defensive Coordinator in 1996. Marvin left the Baltimore Ravens after six years to work for the Washington Redskins in the 2002 NFL season.

However, he rose to prominence after being hired as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003. Under Marvin’s leadership, the Cincinnati Bengals not only broke but also set numerous records.

Marvin was the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals for 16 years until his firing was announced in 2018.

However, the Cincinnati Bengals announced a two-year extension of Marvin’s contract. As a result, the 60-year-old young and energetic man is not retiring from his lifetime duty as a coach this early.

Marvin earns an outstanding yearly salary of $4.5 million, which adds up to his outstanding net worth of $14 million.

Wife and Children

Marvin and Peggy Tapastamos have been married for many years. The couple has two children, daughter Whitney and son Marcus.

However, the beginning of their relationship was not ideal. When Marvin and Peggy announced their engagement, the families found it difficult to process the news.

Peggy’s strict family was also taken aback by the news of an African-American man marrying a Greek Orthodox woman. Even Marvin’s in-laws refused to attend the wedding.

Peggy, on the other hand, claims that the two families have grown much closer.

Marvin and Peggy’s endearing relationship has stood for societal progress as well as their personal progress.

They even started a non-profit organization to help with community fundraising for their initiative “Learning is Cool,” which has helped many students excel academically.

Hopefully, the couple will keep up the good work and inspire others to take on more social initiatives in their lives.

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