Marvel’s First Asian Superhero, “Shang Chi”!

On April 19, 2021, Marvel released the first look teaser for their upcoming film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which also happens to be the birthday of the lead actor Simu Liu.

The teaser trailer introduced the world to the first MCU superhero of Asian descent in a film directed by an Asian. Liu also made a post on Instagram about the case.

‘Shang-Chi’ Is Much More Than a Film

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The post included the first poster for his upcoming film, but more importantly, it allowed viewers to see things through the eyes of an Asian. The caption started with Liu saying that this film was a gift to anyone who was able to accept it as a birthday present from him.

Soon after, the actor began reminiscing about his youth. Growing up, finding an Asian superhero he could relate to onscreen was nearly impossible, and there were far fewer examples that made him proud of his heritage.

It’s absolutely insane to think that in just over four months, we will have a Marvel Studios movie featuring an almost ENTIRELY Asian cast, each full of rich nuance and dimensionality. 

According to him, this title is more than just a movie. It’s something of a “celebration of our world and a rallying cry for the forgotten, unheard, and ignored,” according to the press release.
The image serves as a reminder to people of all backgrounds to claim their room, stand tall, and be “unapologetically themselves.”

Marvel Getting Praises for Inclusiveness

Given the recent rise in anti-Asian racism, Marvel is taking a risk with this Asian-centric development. In addition, the studio has made a concerted effort to be respectful of other cultures.

Shang Chi Actor
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Not only that, but in their most recent film, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the studio also went so far as to poke fun at society in general. If you’re in the know, you’re in the know.
Liu has also placed his trust in the studio and this particular film. He also went so far as to say, in a Facebook post captured by Yahoo.

For all of those who hated us because of the color of our skin, or been made to feel less than because of it; NO MORE. This is OUR movie, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE for Hollywood to ignore us after this. 

As things stand now, his words have come true. After the release of the big teaser, fans have been swooning all over the internet. The anticipation is palpable in the comments section, especially on Liu’s Instagram trailer post.

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Shang Chi Teaser
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