Married Life and Children of Lily Kelly-Radford!

Lily Kelly-Radford, Ph.D., is a leadership development consultant and executive coach who works with clients all around the world.

Dr. Kelly prepares, customizes, and delivers leadership work in a variety of roles around the world.

She enjoys working with customers from many sectors and the difficult difficulties they face, such as developing potential, empowering others, leading cooperation and teamwork, making decisions, and driving performance.

Furthermore, she is well-known as the mother of the lovely journalist Morgan Kelly-Radford. Morgan’s mother continued her education in a related field after completing her degree. In reality, Kelly-Radford has published a variety of clinical psychology and leadership development studies. Let us also learn about her marital life.

The Married Life of Lily Kelly-Radford Who are Her Offspring?

Lily Kelly-Radford, a psychologist, has had personal success to match her professional accomplishment. She married Kim Radford while she was in her late twenties or early thirties. They were a perfect fit because they shared similar interests and had traveled to many locations in their youth.

Despite being financially pinched in their early years as married, they worked hard hours in their respective fields. Soon after exchanging vows, they welcomed two children, Morgan Radford and Miller Radford, into their life.

Kelly-Radford is best known for her NBC News reporter daughter, Morgan Radford, whose job is far more fun than her own. Her 32-year-old daughter worked as an intern for CNN’s “Morning Express with Robin Meade” broadcast. She also hosted Al Jazeera America’s Saturday morning show.


Over the last five years, Dr. Kelly-Radford has lectured in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for more than 25 weeks per year. She was also in charge of discovering and creating executive coaches to provide these services.

Lily is also the President of LEAP Leadership, Inc., a leadership consulting organization that works with celebrities in the media and sports. Dr. Kelly-Radford previously served as executive vice president of global markets at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). She was in charge of delivering administrative education in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Before joining the Center in 1990, Kelly had a private practice and provided consultancy services. She has also served as an assistant attending psychologist at Harvard Medical School, a tenured associate professor of psychology at Howard University, and a member of the CIA.

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