All You Need To Know About Mark Weins Including His Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, and More!

Mark Wiens has gone a long way from earning $1 from his culinary blog to making a livelihood from it. He had no idea what to do after finishing his undergraduate studies, so he continued to travel in search of his life’s purpose.

Mark Wiens booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok one sunny day and discovered the joy of his life in cuisine. Since then, his love affair with cuisine has continued through his blog and YouTube channels!

Mark Wiens- Early Life

The 35-year-old culinary blogger was born in Arizona.

Mark’s family relocated to Albertville, a small village in France, when he was just five years old. After a year of school in Europe, the Wiens family relocated once more, this time to Africa. For three years, the traveling family lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and homeschooled their kid.

Mark’s family’s itinerant existence did not finish there, as they relocated to Nairobi. The American family resided in the Kenyan city for a long time while Mark attended Rosslyn Academy and graduated from high school.

After graduation, the young man of half European and half Asian ancestry moved to the United States and enrolled in the Global Studies program at Arizona State University.

Mark, who had led a slightly unusual life since the beginning, did not want to be trapped in a traditional office job. So he used the money he had accumulated during his undergraduate years to travel to South America. He returned to the United States after the experience to attend his sister’s wedding.

During his visit, he launched his blog Meanwhile, the internet was not as popular, so he continued to travel before landing in Thailand. On the side, he used to teach English and maintain his blog.

Finally, his efforts paid off, and he began earning a living by eating, traveling, and reviewing cuisine.

He now has a big social media following and is considered one of the best food bloggers. He has amassed a sizable net worth by earning a yearly salary of $111K-$1M. In addition to his bio, Mark has a second channel, Mark Abroad, that focuses on his travels. His net worth is also increased as a result of this endeavor.

The foodie attributes his style of living to his father, who taught him how to live frugally and focus on what is important in life. The old man’s advice is clearly paying off.

Relationship Status

Mark and Ying have been married since July 2013. The chef-teacher met the gourmet, who is of American descent, in Thailand. After a few years of enjoying a relaxed married life, the couple welcomed their son Micah Wiens. On November 12th, 2016.

Even after starting a family of his own, Mark’s itinerant lifestyle continues to impact him. He travels throughout the world with his wife and son.

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