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Marisol Maldonado

Who is Marisol Maldonado?

Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty is married to Marisol Maldonado. She has worked as a model, producer, and socialite in the fashion industry.

She rose to prominence after the media learned of her relationship with Grammy-winner Rob Thomas.

Marisol also starred in Rob Thomas’s music video for the hit song “Smooth,” in which he collaborated with Santana.

Let’s see what we can find out about Marisol Maldonado, this wonderful lady.

Rob Thomas of Matchbox: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents

Maria Maldonado gave birth to Marisol Maldonado on May 27, 1971, in Queens, New York City. Her parents are most likely of Puerto Rican descent.

Marisol celebrated her 51st birthday this year.

Maria de la Soledad is a Spanish name that is shortened to Marisol. It translates to “Mary of Solitude.” The Virgin Mary is referred to as Marisol.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Gemini women are adaptable, outgoing, and smart. However, it has the disadvantages of being indecisive, impulsive, and nosy. On this day of the month, people are born with a distinct but graceful personality. They are stubborn, but they are also generous people who care deeply about their loved ones.

We’re guessing that it’s because of these qualities that a rockstar like Rob Thomas has been head over heels for Marisol for over 20 years.

At 5 feet 7 inches tall, the stunning model has a charming dimpled smile (170.18 cm). Marisol, too, has lovely brown eyes and long brown hair.

Quick Facts

Full name Marisol Maldonado
Also known as Marisol Thomas
Nickname Marie
Birthdate May 27, 1971
Age 51 years old
Sun sign Gemini
Traits Positive: adaptable, outgoing, and intelligent
Negative: indecisive, impulsive, and nosy
Birthplace Queens, New York City
Current residence New York, USA
Nationality American
Parents Father (unknown)
Maria Maldonado (mother)
Grandparents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Marital status Married
Spouse Rob Thomas (1999-present)
Children Maison Avery William Thomas
Profession Former model, producer, philanthropist, and manager of Sidewalk Angels
Net worth USD 5 million
Social media Facebook
Ethnicity Latina
Height 5”7′ inch (170.18 cm)
Weight Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown

Marisol Maldonado has Lyme disease?

Since 2003, Marisol Maldonado has battled autoimmune disease and multiple tick-borne diseases.

Marisol claims that doctors were unable to determine whether she had Lyme disease.

When a lesion in her brain was removed, however, doctors discovered she was infected with eight tick-borne diseases.

Marisol experienced a variety of symptoms as a result of her illness, including numbness, seizures, visual disturbances, and even the inability to bear a child.

She also has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which was brought on by her Lyme infection. As a result, Marisol has undergone a variety of treatments, including medications and holistic therapies.

She does, however, accompany her husband on his tours.

In an interview with Nightline, Marisol stated that her husband tried very hard to balance his personal and professional lives. Rob is also a devoted and responsible husband.

The couple is currently working to raise awareness about Lyme disease. Recently, they teamed up with the Global Lyme Alliance (GLA).

Marisol was given the opportunity to give an honoree speech at the GLA’s annual gala in New York because of her fight against the disease.

The disease made her feel like she was standing still, just existing but unable to participate in anything, according to the speech. Her situation made her feel completely alone, because no one could comprehend the agony she endured every minute of her life.

Relationship: Husband

When she was 24 and he was 27, she met her husband, Rob.

Rob Thomas and Marisol Maldonado

On his tour, Rob met Marisol. Rob’s band’s guitar tech had invited her to the afterparty. At the party, the lovebirds talked for ten minutes. In an interview, Marisol stated that she recognized him as the man of her dreams.

“I left and told my girlfriend, ‘That’s the guy I’m going to marry,'” she explained. “I’ve always been married to him – I just hadn’t met him yet,” I say.

Rob had then called her every night for two weeks while on tour with his band.

Furthermore, the couple was so confident in their relationship that they decided to get matching tattoos just a week after meeting.

They had gotten the tattoo while passing through a New York tattoo parlor. Marisol chose her ankle as the location for her tattoo, while Rob chose his arm. The matching tattoo was a ‘loyalty’-themed Japanese symbol.

Rob proposed to Marisol with an antique-style engagement ring two months after they started dating.

It was a spontaneous proposal, according to Rob in an interview.

The couple was arguing in an Atlanta parking lot when Rob pulled out the ring from his pocket and proposed. “I think I won the argument,” he even joked. I suppose I can only use that card once!”

On October 2, 1999, the couple married on the grounds of a ranch in Santa Ynez, California.

Following their wedding ceremony, the couple went on a three-week romantic honeymoon in Hawaii.

Rob Thomas (husband)

Rob Kelly Thomas, Marisol Maldonado’s husband, was born on February 14, 1972, in Landstuhl, West Germany.

He’s a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Matchbox Twenty’s lead singer.

Rob Thomas had a difficult childhood as a result of his parents’ strained relationship, which led him to act out frequently in his twenties. As a result, he was sentenced to two years in prison for car theft.

Things changed, however, when he had a son from a previous relationship. Maison Avery William Thomas, Marisol’s stepson, was born one year before their wedding on July 10, 1998.

Rob attributes his professional and personal success to Marisol and his son, Maison.

“Whether it’s my relationship with my wife or something with my son,” Rob once said, “my life is my muse.”

Rob’s band, Matchbox Twenty, had become one of the most successful Rock bands of the late 1990s, according to his biography. Their debut album, ‘Yourself or Someone Like You,’ sold 10 million copies in the United States alone.

Despite the fact that Thomas’ band is on an indefinite hiatus, Rob has continued to work as a solo artist.

He recently released his fourth solo album, ‘Chip Tooth Smile,’ which he named after a cracked tooth he got while slam-dancing in a concert when he was 19 years old.

Career and Professional Life

Marisol Maldonado used to work as a full-time model in her early twenties. She has collaborated with a number of high-end brands and has been featured in a number of publications.

She also made an appearance in Rob Thomas’s other music video, ‘Ever the Same.’

Maldonado has also produced Rob Thomas’ documentary film ‘My Secret Record,’ in addition to modeling. Thomas was followed while working on his solo debut album, ‘Something to be,’ in the documentary.

Marisol also made an appearance in an episode of the TV show ‘Punk’d’ in 2006. The TV show revolves around pranking celebrities using a hidden camera. Marisol also serves as her husband’s manager, assisting him in his professional endeavors.

She starred alongside Rob Thomas and Santana in the music video Smooth.

Marisol Maldonado’s Charitable Activities

Sidewalk Angels Foundation is run by Marisol Maldonado, her husband, and her mother. The foundation works to support and fund twenty no-kill animal shelters and animal rescues across the United States.

The organization’s mission is to fight for animal rights and fair treatment. Marisol and her family have been able to build animal facilities such as barns and kennels, streamline the adoption process, and organize extensive rescue operations across the country as a result of their efforts.

They’ve also been attempting to raise awareness about violent crimes against animals.

Marisol and Rob also hold an annual charity concert to benefit the foundation at ‘The Borgata’ in Atlantic City. The foundation also has a section where you can buy bracelets, caps, t-shirts, and dog clothes to help raise money.

Marisol Maldonado: Net Worth 2022/2023 and Salary

Marisol has participated in a number of modeling projects and television shows. She has a $5 million net worth.

Her husband, on the other hand, has a net worth of around $17 million, which he has amassed through his work as a solo artist and as a lead singer in Matchbox Twenty.

Her husband paid $4 million for a house with almost 7,900 square feet. There are six bedrooms and bathrooms in the house.

It has dark-stained hardwood floors and a curved floating staircase.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Marisol has no social media accounts despite being in the spotlight with her famous husband. Her husband, on the other hand, frequently posts pictures of her on his social media platforms.

He also has a Facebook page.

Marisol, on the other hand, has an Instagram account for her and Rob’s Sidewalk Angeles Foundation, where she posts photos of herself and Rob with their rescue animals.


Rob Thomas’s wife is afflicted with what disease?

Marisol Maldonado, Ron Thomas’s wife, has been afflicted with debilitating autoimmune and tick-borne diseases since 2003. Lyme disease is another name for this condition.

How old is Marisol Thomas?

Marisol Maldonado Thomas, 51, was born on May 27, 1971.

Rob Thomas met his wife in a unique way

Marisol Maldonado, Rob Thomas’s wife, met him at one of his concerts. Rob’s guitar technician happened to be Marisol’s friend. As a result, he assisted Marisol and her friends in gaining admission to the concert.

Her friend later invited her to the band’s afterparty, where Rob first met Marisol.

Marisol Maldonado was born in Mexico.

Marisol Maldonado, Rob Thomas’s wife, is from Queens, New York.

Is Rob Thomas still married to Marisol Maldonado?

Rob Thomas and Marisol Maldonado are still married and have a happy life together.

Is Rob Thomas married to Marisol Thomas?

Due to Marisol’s health issues, Rob and Marisol Thomas do not have any children together. She is, however, a mother figure to Maison Avery William Thomas, Rob’s child from a previous relationship.

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