Know Everything About Margaret McGloin – Allen Ludden’s Wife Including Children, Relationship, and More!

Allen Ludden was a well-known television personality during his time. Ludden, who was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, worked as a television actor, emcee, and game show presenter.

During his lifetime, Ludden hosted a number of game programs, the most famous of which being Bob Stewart’s television game show Password, which he hosted from 1961 to 1980.

Ludden was a great singer in addition to being an infrequent actor and a regular TV personality. In 1964, RCA Records released Allen Ludden Sings His Favorite Songs, his first album as a vocalist.

Allen Ludden, a well-known television personality, is also known for being the third and final husband of famed actress Betty White.

Allen Ludden, on the other hand, was married to Margaret McGloin before walking down the aisle with White. Learn more about Margaret McGloin, Allen Ludden’s wife, who was married to him for more than a decade.

For the past eighteen years, she has been married to Allen Ludden.

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As previously stated, the late Allen Ludden’s marriage to Betty White was not his first. Ludden was married to Margaret McGloin, who was born in Nueces County, Texas, before marrying the famous actress Betty. 

Margaret McGloin
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On October 11, 1943, in front of their close friends and family, the two exchanged wedding vows.

Margaret McGloin, Allen Ludden’s wife

In 1943, actor Allen Ludden married Margaret McGloin for the first time. Ludden was only starting his career in the American entertainment industry when he married McGloin. 

In adolescent magazine columns and on the radio, he was carving out a career as a young counselor. Margaret McGloin, Allen Ludden’s wife, is still a mystery as to what she did for a living and how she met her husband, Allen Ludden. Unfortunately, Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin’s marriage did not survive long. 

Margaret died at the age of 45 on October 30, 1961, following an eighteen-year marriage to Ludden. Ludden married Betty White on June 14, 1963, two years after his first wife died.

Margaret Ludden, Allen Ludden’s wife, died of cancer

Margaret McGloin, the wife of Allen Ludden, a well-known TV personality from the 1990s, died in 1961 in Manhattan, New York.  Her death was attributed to cancer, according to sources. 

It is unclear, however, which form of cancer she was afflicted with. Allen Ludden, like her, died of cancer on June 9, 1981, in Los Angeles, at the age of 63. Margaret McGloin, the daughter of Gilbert James McGloin and Cyrene Ameta McGloin, was buried in Hawthorne, Westchester County, New York’s Gate of Heaven Cemetery. 

Gilbert James McGloin II, John Patrick McGloin, Barbara Ann McGloin Johnson, and Kathleen McGloin were her five siblings. Margaret McGloin, Allen Ludden’s wife, could not stay with him for long, but she left the Ludden family with three children. 

Margaret Mcgloin’s three children were all young at the time of her death.

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Allen Ludden’s mother has three children.

Margaret McGloin and Allen Ludden have been married for eighteen years and are still going strong. Their marriage also resulted in the birth of two gorgeous daughters and a son, each of whom pursued a different career path. Margaret gave birth to David Ludden, her first child with Allen Ludden, on March 15, 1948. 

When Margaret died, he was thirteen years old, and when his father, Allen, brought him a stepmother, he was fifteen. David is currently a history professor and author.

allen ludden
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Margaret gave birth to Martha Ludden, her second child with Ludden, in 1950. She is said to be an independent legal service provider. Similarly, Sarah Ludden, Margaret McGloin’s youngest child with Allen Ludden, joined the Ludden family in 1952. 

Margaret abandoned her when she was nine years old. Betty White, Aleen Ludden’s later wife, provided Sarah with motherly love. After Margaret’s death, White assisted Ludden in raising Margaret’s three children. It’s difficult to sift through Margaret’s personal and professional life because she died so young. 

Ludden also has little to say regarding his relationship with Margaret. As a result, Margaret McGloin, Allen Ludden’s wife, remains a mystery.

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