Manon Mathews Reveals More About Her Ex-Husband’s Betrayal Amid Finding New Love!

Manon Mathews is a comedian and actress who rose to prominence on the now-defunct Vine social media platform. She met Stephen Murphy, an actor who has appeared in shows such as A Few Less Men and 68 Whiskey, in 2017.

Sparks flared between them right away, and they engaged soon after. Then, in a romantic event held in Malibu, California, she formally referred to her lover as her spouse. However, as fast as they became friends, they drifted apart. The couple announced their divorce eight months later.

The Heartbreak

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Mathews declared the couple couldn’t save their marriage in an emotional and weighty Instagram post. It was replete with issues, she admitted, that couldn’t be resolved even after three months of counseling.

As a result, they both decided it was best to call it a day and go their separate ways. She also stated that she was not one to publish mushy breakup posts on social media. However, because she had invited her audience along on her amorous voyage, she found herself in charge of informing them. So that was the terrible end of the story.

She had not, however, gone into the specifics of the issues at this point. What was clear was that she was heartbroken for real. Matthews was in a lot of emotional anguish after sharing private photos of their marriage to talk about a moment of failure. She would later, however, provide some additional insight into the breakdown.

Are Manon Mathews and Stephen Murphy In Good Contact?

Because of their feud, neither Mathews nor Murphy have made any public statements regarding the other. She did, however, state that they are still close. Regardless of what had happened in the past, she would always have a soft spot in her heart for him. She just released her memoir, Funny How It Works Out, in which she discussed more personal details of her ex-affair. husband’s

Manon Mathews and Stephen Murphy
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She has now found happiness again, as she is dating Turkish-American Jonny Carlson, an aspiring actor, producer, and podcaster. They started dating in 2020 and stayed together during the quarantine. They both seem to find humor in their relationship and consider themselves fortunate to have each other.

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Why did Manon Matthews split from her ex-husband?

Mathews let her guard down in a stripped-down and frank podcast interview with Women on Top, which aired in September 2020, and talked about the specifics of their failed marriage.

She claimed that a month after their wedding, she got together with her friends to look at her wedding images. They were, however, quick to recognize Murphy from somewhere else. Not only that, but it’s also with someone else. They told Mathews that he was planning something behind her back that involved another lady, and they showed her images and text exchanges to prove it.

While she did not go into depth about the situation, Matthews stated that she was terrified to discover of her husband’s explicit actions. The revelation, on the other hand, compelled her to be in a desperate state of doubting her own reality. She couldn’t tell the difference between what she felt was true and what wasn’t, including her marriage.

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