Maneet Chauhan’s Weight Loss Story – She Lost Weight to Set an Example for Her Children!

Maneet Chauhan, the chef known for her Punjabi cuisine, does not have body image issues, but she has struggled with her weight in the past.

When the 44-year-old was six years pregnant with her first kid, Maneet Chauhan recognized she needed to do some things professionally and personally to set an example for her child.

Chauhan was able to build a profitable restaurant while also becoming more aware of her activities and lifestyle choices.

The Chopped judge has stated numerous times in interviews and podcasts that she has weight issues, not body image issues. She claims she was never self-conscious about her appearance and that it didn’t affect her.

So, how did Maneet Chauhan shed those pounds?

As Chauhan began to feel exhausted, he needed to make some lifestyle modifications. Her responsibilities as a chef and judge were demanding, and she struggled to keep up. She didn’t have time for tiredness.

But there was another motive for her desire to live a healthy lifestyle. She wanted her children to see her succeed professionally as well as personally. She wanted to be a positive role model for them. She had never considered weight loss to be a priority, but rather an afterthought. It was more important to her that she felt better about herself in general.

Above all, she wanted her children to understand the value of good health and to be cautious about what they put into their bodies.

The Importance of Being a Role Model for Children, according to Chauhan

Children’s earliest role models are their parents. Chauhan stressed the significance of her children recognizing the realistic and false expectations that come with healthy eating, especially in her job, where some limits are unavoidable.

“I needed to put myself in a position to succeed.” But instead of going to the gym, I was giving charity as a membership. In a 2019 interview with Parade, the Global Fusion chef said, “It started with counting my calories and performing simple math.”

Chauhan has begun to become more aware of her eating habits. She wasn’t depriving or indulging herself in any way before; she was just tweaking things here and there. She kept things simple and made only a few minor adjustments. She was successful because she did not overcomplicate the process.

The TV personality’s 40-pound weight loss was powered by her daily calorie restriction of 1200 calories. She made it a point to walk 10,000 steps every day and fit in workout regimens around her hectic schedule.

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