Maki Zenin Bio, Personality, Voice Actor, Power

Maki Zenin is a major supporting character and one of the main protagonists of the Prequel Series in Jujutsu Kaisen.

She is a second-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High School. Maki, who was born into the Zenin family, fled on her own after being rejected due to her lack of cursed energy. Despite her own family’s opposition, she studies to become a powerful sorceress.

Voice Actor of Maki Zenin

The Japanese voice actor, Mikako Komatsu contributed her voice to Maki Zenin whereas Allegra Clark has voiced for the English version of this character.

Mikako Komatsu
Mikako Komatsu ( Source: Pinterest)


Maki is a tall athletic young woman with black eyes and long black hair that she wears in a ponytail most of the time. She wears a pair of glasses that allow her to see curses and has bangs on the left side of her face.

Maki wears a traditional long-sleeved jacket with a skirt as part of her jujutsu student uniform. She used to wear long socks and shoes with her uniform as a freshman, but now she wears black leggings.

Maki is dressed in a black jersey with dark colored cuffs, collar, and bottom edge, dark colored shorts over black pants, and white shoes while training.

Maki wore the same top, black shorts, black socks, and white shoes while training Yuta. A white hoodie is worn over a black and white horizontal shirt, white shorts are worn over black pants, and white boots are worn.

Maki Zenin
Maki Zenin ( Source: Pinterest)

Following the Shibuya Incident, Maki’s left side is covered in third-degree burns as a result of her encounter with Jogo. Her tresses have also been shaved. Over her student uniform, she wears a jacket and a belt.

Maki wore a dark-colored kimono with a black sash as a child, with black hair that reached to the bottom of her head. Maki wore a white yukata and a black hakama when she was a Zenin clan member.


Maki is a strong-willed and forthright individual who is not afraid to say what she thinks. She has a strong will and works hard to break free from her sorcerer family’s ties. The Zenins have treated her poorly her entire life because she is a woman and a non-sorcerer.

Despite feeling cursed by her own family, Maki aspires to become a sorceress and prove everyone wrong, thus shattering the foundations of their way of life, which she so strongly opposes. Originally, Maki and Mai planned to stay with the Zenins, but the older twin decided she couldn’t live that way.

Maki’s bonds are formed among her classmates, with whom she normally takes the leadership role, despite being rejected by her own family. She’s tough on them in training, impatient, and easily irritated.

She only wants to see them grow stronger as they fight alongside her, and she has taught many of her peers how to properly use a variety of weapons, despite the fact that they had to be beaten up by her a lot to get there.

Maki Zenin
Maki Zenin ( Source: Pinterest)

Maki was initially annoyed by Yuta’s shy demeanor and thought he had no business being a cursed victim at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Maki discovered they weren’t so dissimilar after fighting alongside him and learning to communicate with one another.

Yuta was the first person who made her feel truly accepted. Maki’s tough exterior tried to repress her emotions with frustration in this instance, but she couldn’t help but feel moved in a rare display of emotion.

All of the students at Tokyo Jujutsu High look up to her, and Yuji could sense her leadership even before he met her. Maki is a professional sorcerer who is always focused on the mission at hand.

She obeys orders and can even work cooperatively with her family members if the task requires it. Maki also treated competing against her twin sister like any other fight and dispatched her quickly.

Power and Abilities

Overall Skill Level: Maki’s Grade 4 sorcerer ranking does not reflect her actual battle ability. Because of the Zenin family, her promotion has been stalled for years, but she can easily exorcise a grade 2 curse.

Her physical prowess among the students is second only to Yuji’s, and she is a master of a variety of weapons. Maki is an effective sorcerer with cursed tools, despite her lack of cursed energy, because she makes up for it with incredible physical abilities.

Maki is frequently underestimated by other jujutsu students. In a fight, however, she was able to easily overwhelm Kasumi Miwa and completely dominate her sister.

Maki has proven to be a valuable asset in battle against special grade cursed spirits. Against Hanami, she and Megumi were able to buy enough time for reinforcements to arrive.

Maki was a step slower than the seasoned grade 1 sorcerer when fighting Dagon alongside Naobito and Nanami, but she was still able to hold her own.

Master Weapons Specialist: Maki is a Master Weapons Specialist who can wield a wide variety of weapons and is considered an expert in all types of weaponry.

She prefers to fight with spears, but she is capable of switching between multiple weapons during a single fight. Maki broke the handle of her own spear during the Goodwill Event, then took Kasumi’s sword, which she broke, and then used a three-section staff to fight. She’s also capable of incorporating martial arts like aikido into close-quarters combat.

Maki is also an excellent instructor. She has not only transformed Yuta into a skilled swordsman and a capable sparring partner, but she has also assisted Megumi in learning to use various weapons.

High Intellect: Maki was raised by the Zenin family and has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the jujutsu world. In battle, she can keep one step ahead of her opponent and read other people’s movements through their personalities. Maki devised the Tokyo Team’s initial strategy for dealing with Aoi’s one-track mind and brute strength.

Maki Zenin
Maki Zenin ( Source: Pinterest)

Enhanced Strength: Maki’s strength is exceptional, and she is capable of easily defeating weaker opponents. By hitting him in the face with a baseball, she was able to knock Aoi Todo, a notoriously strong student, out cold. Maki also broke a wooden polearm across her thigh, which no normal human could do.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: Maki is extremely fast and has superhuman reflexes, which is enough for a special grade cursed spirit like Hanami to recognize her abilities. She is quick and agile, capable of slicing bullets from the air with her sword and even catching a bullet shot at close range with her bare hands.

Enhanced Durability & Vitality: Despite being knocked unconscious and seriously injured by Jogo’s innate technique (Disaster Flames), Maki was able to withstand the attack much better than other sorcerers of rank 1 and higher. She was able to recover from her injuries in a few days and return to action, despite the fact that they left her with severe scars on her face.

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