Magic Johnson 95 Famous Quotes

Magic Johnson is an American former NBA basketball player who was born on August 14, 1959. He won the NBA title in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988. And the Los Angeles Lakers won the entire tournament. Furthermore, he played college basketball at Michigan State University, where he formed a rivalry and a friendship with Boston Celtics star Larry Bird.

Later, he faced Larry Bird in the 1979 NCAA finals as well as three NBA championship games. Similarly, he was recognized as the greatest point guard, passer, and playmaker in baseball history, having played all five positions on the occasion. This legend’s 95 quotes are shown below. Visit and follow them in every stage of their journey to success.

“No one plans to get ill or injured – I certainly did not – yet most individuals will require medical care at some point in their life.”

“Do your homework.
Check to see whether there is a demand.
Many people have wonderful ideas but are unsure whether there is a market for them.
You should also research your competition.”

“Do not inquire about what your teammates can do for you.
Inquire about what you can do to help your teammates.”

“Life does not come to a halt because something bad happens to you.”

“Trying to keep a secret is a strain.”
It’s difficult.
It definitely takes more effort to contain it and retain it than it does to truly let it out.”

“Celebrate your life, not the life you could’ve had.”

“In times of crisis, you can tell who your true friends are.”

“As an athlete, I recognized the importance of health insurance.”
I was aware that injuries were typical in my line of work and may occur at any time.”

“I inspire others by making sure they understand that they should pursue their aspirations and not let anyone tell them they can’t.”
If you are driven enough and put in the effort, you can do everything you set your mind to in life.”

“God provided me with two beautiful parents, and I am identical to both of them.”
I have my mother’s smile and charisma, as well as her large heart, because she wants to save and serve the world, thus I am just like her.”

“When I initially discovered I had HIV, I needed to find someone who was living with it who could help me comprehend my journey and what I would have to deal with on a daily basis.”
I discovered that a woman named Elizabeth Frazier was living with AIDS at the time, so I called her and she agreed to meet with me.”

Magic Johnson Quotes 12TH OF 95TH

“Everything is great to me.
“Life is fantastic.”

“If you’re competitive, that sticks with you.
You never stop.
You’re always looking behind you.”

“People do not stop eating, nor do they stop drinking coffee.”

“I eat largely chicken and fish.”
I make an effort to consume a variety of vegetables and fruits.
I am a huge fan of fruits and vegetables.
I also get a lot of sleep.
That’s the key: I’m up early, but I’m also in bed early.”

“Everyone assumed I’d die a year later, but they didn’t know.”
So I helped teach athletics, and subsequently the rest of the world, that an HIV-positive man can play basketball.
He’s not giving it to anyone by playing basketball.”

“I run a business.”
This is what I do every single day.
It’s fantastic.
I enjoy going to work.
“I’ve never had a bad day.”

“The first year was difficult for me.
The second year was a little easier, but still challenging.
It took me five years to work it out.
It was a terrible time and a painful moment.”

“The truth is that I had unprotected sex.”
That’s it.
That’s simple.”

“I’m not healed, but HIV is dormant deep within my body.”

“All children require is a little assistance, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.”

“The best doctors and medicine in the world will not be able to save you if you do not do what you are meant to do.”

“Manhood is caring for your family and being able to bless others.”
Not about oneself, but about whether you can bless others.”

“I’m content with myself.
The key thing is to not allow others determine what I do or who I am.”

“If someone says no or you are cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and was the best ever.”
That is what you must possess.
I’m going to show everyone that I’m going to work hard to get better and better.”

“I have to tell you, I’m most proud of myself off the court.”
There will always be great basketball players who bounce that small round ball, but my fondest experiences have been influencing people’s lives, bringing about change, and serving as a role model in the community.”

“When it comes to business, you are only as good as your team.”
Nobody can complete every transaction on their own.”

“I like to go for alone walks in the park where no one can bother me and I can think.”

“When I was at your age, I wanted to do two things.”
I aspired to play in the NBA and become a businessman after my basketball career ended, and that is exactly what I am doing now.”

Magic Johnson Quote 30TH out of 95TH

“I’m the world’s largest music fan.”
I mean, I’ve seen it all.
I went on four or five tours with Michael Jackson and the Jacksons.”

“I got my work ethic from sports.”

“I appreciate being God’s ambassador in terms of informing people about HIV and AIDS.”

“I believe that there are always goals for me to strive for, and I want to work toward those goals.”

“Young people let you in when you are honest and genuine with them.”

“I thank Him on my knees every chance I get.”

“I’ve been a leader my entire life.”
I’ve always taken the initiative.
“I didn’t know what else to do.”

“On the basketball floor, I’m known as ‘Magic.’
“Earvin is my name.”

“When a woman is frustrated, and it’s your wife, you feel that frustration.”

“I’m from that area.”
You know, growing up with these people and seeing them every day, and then looking at the numbers, it was simple; it was a no-brainer.
When Sony looked at it, it was a no-brainer for them as well.”

“My father was a terrific example of a strong and good guy, as well as a Christian man, and my mother taught all six of my sisters how to be young ladies and mothers, as well as how to care for your family.”
And so I believe they were – and continue to be – tremendous examples for all of us to their children and the globe.”

“In some ways, urban America is like a foreign country.”

“I’m a businessman, and I understand numbers and business.”

“Many black men frequently ask me, ‘Did Larry Bird really play that well?'”
‘Larry Bird is so good it’s frightening,’ I remarked.

“I frequently warn people that when you make a mistake, you not only damage yourself, but you also injure those who love you.”

“In the inner cities, I’m constructing shopping malls and movie theaters.”
So it involves creating jobs and educating blacks on the importance of rebuilding their communities rather than looking to others.”

“My family is a Christian family that prays.”

“I strive to hire people that don’t need to be motivated.”
But I do inspire those who work with and for me.”

“I enjoy having stuff going on in my life.
I don’t want to be relaxing on a beach somewhere.”

“What matters is this.”
Just because I’m doing well doesn’t guarantee they’ll do well if they contract HIV.
Many people have died since I made my announcement.
This sickness isn’t going away.”

“The NASCAR brand is well-known throughout the world.
They have the number one sports brand.”

“It’s weird, because the only time I think about HIV is when I have to take my medication twice a day.”

“I want to be here for a long time, therefore I’ll do whatever it takes to stay.”
And one day, I hope to walk my daughter down the aisle and marry her.
I want to make sure I’m still here to see my two small sons grow into men.”

“Young people expect you to be honest with them.”

“The crowd enjoys having their emotions touched.
They want to laugh, grieve, and be happy.”

“You know, I was a shy guy, and people didn’t realize it at the time, and they still don’t.”
I’m sure basketball brought out my shyness since you have to conduct interviews and people are always talking to you about the fans and everything.”

“While playing in the NBA, I met some fantastic people.”
Whether it’s the officials, the scorekeepers, or anyone else that works for the NBA, not just the Lakers, but the entire league.”

“Magic is insane.
He’s the crazy, wild man on the basketball floor who is intense and serious.
He’s the one who lives, eats, and breaths basketball.”

“I believe when people ask what the greatest transition from college to the NBA is, it’s probably defense and the mental part.”

“AIDS cannot be contracted with a hug, a handshake, or a meal with a friend.”

“Because my father is my inspiration, I want to emulate him in all I do.”
He used to work two jobs and came home every night delighted.”

“I have the utmost respect for ladies.”

“I don’t care who assaults my son.
I still believe in him and adore him.”

“I’m going to adore my son to the end.”

“I have a soft spot for Seattle, so I hope an NBA club returns to this amazing city, this great sports city.”

“All students should be able to graduate from high school and be completely equipped for college or the workplace.”

“My father was my hero.
And my mum gave me my personality.”

“I never have terrible days.
I don’t wake up every morning thinking I’m going to acquire AIDS.
I don’t get nightmares over it.
If I did, I’d be succumbing to negativity.”

“I, not Jan Perry, initiated redevelopment in South Los Angeles.”
I completed it.
Jan is my favorite.
She’s a kind person, and she did a great job downtown, but in L.A., South L.A., I’m the one.”

“Athletes hate getting up early, but it never troubled me.”

“I’m the one who will take risks without fear of repercussions.”

“I look three to five years forward rather than ten years back.”

“Friends sometimes drift apart for a variety of reasons.”

“Everyone should have access to inexpensive, high-quality health care.”

“ObamaCare is effective.
I speak with a lot of hospital CEOs.
It is effective.”

“I’m delighted Florida Gov. Rick Scott adopted ObamaCare because it will work.”

“I’m not at all a gay.”

“I used to work till 10 or 11 p.m. for a long time.”
When I’m at work, I’m all in.
‘Magic,’ I’m.
I enjoy it, but it drains my energy.”

“Every now and then, I’ll hear somebody claim that having HIV mustn’t be too horrible – ‘Just look at Magic and how well he’s doing.'”

“When I was a kid, my family and I would sit down and watch ‘Good Times,’ ‘Sanford and Son,’ and all the other shows that were on at the time.”

“I am and always will be a Laker for life.”

“People see me high-fivin’ and smiling on the court and don’t recognize me.
However, it is.
“All I want to do is go out and be myself.”

“Magic is insane.
He’s the crazy, wild man on the basketball floor who is intense and serious.
He is the individual who lives, eats, and breaths basketball.
Magic is a guy who stands for nothing but victory, and he prepared himself as well as his squad.
“Earvin is the polar opposite.”

“I encourage people to look at me and realize that everyone said I couldn’t be a 6-foot-9-inch point guard, and I proved them wrong.”
They told me I couldn’t be a successful businessman in urban America, but I proved them wrong.
And they felt I couldn’t win all of these championships, but I proved them wrong.”

“A lady recalls everything.”
Keep that in mind.”

“I enjoy being at the ballgame.
I love going in and just seeing a terrific baseball game, a fantastic pitchers’ battle.”

“I enjoy putting individuals of color to work.”

“I grew up a Detroit Tigers fan, and now to be a Dodgers owner is incredible.”

“My first and only experience in baseball was when the coach signed me up; he didn’t tell me about the curveball.”
That was new to me.
So the ball is coming at me, and I begin backing away, and suddenly it breaks inside of me.
‘Strike one!’ shouts the umpire.
And I’m thinking to myself, ‘How is that a strike?’
It almost got to me!”

“I was blessed by my mother.”
She’s the one with the personality; she’s the one that smiled and wanted to help and save the world, so I took on a piece of her.
Then I played the tough character of my father.”

“My father has always had two jobs, so I told him he’s the reason I have 20 jobs.”

“The LGBT community has addressed their HIV/AIDS challenges and problems.”
They did an outstanding job.
We need to learn from the gay community because they have banded together.
They’ve disseminated a lot of information.
They’re going to be tested.”

“I get up between 5:30 and 6 a.m. every day.”
I’m at the gym right now.
I go for a couple of miles.”

“I make sure to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.”
I am a huge fan of fruits and vegetables.”

“My being HIV-positive has no bearing on my business.”

“If they focus on their education, every child, every minority child, can be extremely successful.”

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