Luke Prokop Makes History By Becoming the First Openly Gay NHL Player

Luke Prokop is the first out gay player in the National Hockey League. On Instagram, the 19-year-old Nashville Predators prospect announced his decision, stating that he was no longer afraid to be himself.

Luke Prokop went on to say that coming out would allow him to be his true self on the ice, allowing him to pursue his ambition of playing in the NHL.

He also praised all of his friends, family, teammates, and agents for their unwavering support throughout his journey, allowing him to finally reveal his true self.

Prokop thinks that by coming out, more people will realize that hockey is for everyone and that homosexual individuals are equally accepted in the hockey world.

He isn’t the only one who thinks this way. Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, also issued a statement, expressing similar thoughts. Bettman also stated that the NHL would do all possible to help Prokop and any other athlete that aspires to be like him.

Luke Prokop
Source: Death Militia

Luke Prokop’s Brace Decision of Coming Out As Gay

Prokop also gave an interview with ESPN on the same day he announced the revelation on Instagram. He talked about why he decided to come out. Prokop recalled the moment he realized he couldn’t keep masking his true nature any longer.

Prokop also stated that the season was difficult for him since he was still dealing with contradictory ideas, which hampered his performance. He had, however, already told a few acquaintances and family members that he was gay.

Luke Prokop
Source: CTV News Edmonton

Assistant General Manager Brian Poyle was the first member of the Nashville Predators management team to hear about his homosexuality, and he immediately voiced his full support.

After speaking with Poyle, Prokop had a cathartic experience and began looking forward to the day when he would come out publicly. Many NHL members, including commissioner Bettman, have backed Prokop.

Fans have also poured in to voice their support, with many congratulating and appreciating his decision to come out. Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders had also come out a month before, making him the NFL’s first openly gay player.

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