The Amazing Love Story Of Former Miss America Vanessa Williams And Jim Skrip, A Retired Accountant!

With her third marriage to Jim Skrip, an American businessman, former Miss America Vanessa Williams has finally found love success. So far, Vanessa and her other half’s adventure has been rather interesting.

The story of how a retired accountant(Jim Skrip) and a former Miss America wound up together astounded everyone. Despite the fact that they are not from the same field or of equal stature, the stunning couple defies the odds.

With that stated, we’ve outlined some key conclusions from the weirdly matched couples’ love lives below.

Vanessa Williams’ husband is an accountant who has retired

Jim Skrip is a businessman, real estate agent, and former accountant for a number of companies in the United States. Vanessa Williams’ spouse was only revealed after the couple confirmed their connection. Aside from that, Jim is an enigma. 

Prior to meeting his evergreen wife, there is very little knowledge about his personal life. What we do know is that the former accountant is Mexican and hails from Buffalo, New York. 

Jim Williams, Vanessa Williams’ spouse, has a very open-spirited attitude and is a wonderful listener. Jim’s personality aided him, as it did when he met his future wife for the first time.

They first met at “The Nile’s Gift.”

Despite the fact that they both lived in New York, Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip met for the first time on a cruise in Egypt. 

The three-time Primetime Emmy nominee was on vacation with Sasha Gabriella Fox, her daughter from her second marriage, and Skrip by herself. Surprisingly, the cupid’s part was played by the former accountant’s T-Shirt. 

Jim Skrip Wife

Because Williams’ mother was from Buffalo and Skrip was a resident of the city, the soon-to-be lovebirds had a lively talk. So much so that the singer of “Save The Best For Last” invited the Buffalo native to supper the following night. 

They ended up developing unique feelings for each other after a three-hour talk. Vanessa and Jim continued to meet after their vacation, and after a few months, they began dating.

The Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring and the Engagement

The relationship between Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip only became public after the multi-talented revealed her engagement on “The Queen Latifah Show.” 

The future husband and wife had agreed to keep their romance private, but after the performance, it gained mainstream notice. In her interviews with top tabloids, the Broadway actress would share minor details about her love relationship with the real estate agent. 

Vanessa highlighted how her spouse had embraced her for who she is and what she had done in the past. On social media, the mother of four frequently expresses her love and affection for her beau.

The 58-year-engagement old’s would gain even more attention as she revealed her custom-made ring, which screamed “luxury.” 

Bomi, a Buffalo-based jewelry designer, created the cushion-cut diamond set in the center of a platinum halo with two half-moon-shaped stones on either side of the ring.

Marrying opulently Twice instead of once

The wedding of Jim Skrip and Vanessa Williams took place at St. Stanislaus Church in Buffalo on July 4, 2015. The Egyptian-themed ceremony was attended by a small group of relatives and friends, and the wedding had an Egyptian theme.

Carmen Marc Valvo designed Vanessa’s stunning white gown. In a white tuxedo from the same designer, Jim, on the other hand, looked dashing. 

Carla Measer-Costamagna, New York’s top wedding designer, also coordinated the event, which was brilliantly shot by Shutter Dream Studio. 

Not to mention that Gian Invitations, an Australian company, created their wedding invitation card. Because Jim’s prior marriage had not been annulled, their second marriage took place on May 30 the following year. 

 Vanessa Williams Husband
Source: Daily Mail

It took place in Chappaqua, New York, where the Eraser actress grew up, and the couple followed a traditional catholic ceremony.

For this wedding, Vanessa wore a Pamella Roland V-neck gown with a pink belt around her waist. Skrip went for a standard black pantsuit and a light pink tie.

Vanessa Williams And Jim Skrip-Relationships in the Past

Jim Skrip’s wife, who has been in the public eye since 1983, is no stranger to the men’s room. The businessman, on the other hand, only became well-known after his relationship with Vanessa was made public.

In her lengthy and illustrious career, the multi-talented star has been associated to Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam J. Jones, and Rob Mack. Before marrying her current partner, the Desperate Housewives star had been married twice before.

Ramon Hervey II

Raymon Hervey II, who was employed to conduct Vanessa’s damage control (i.e. PR), married her in 1987. Melanie Hervey and Jillian Hervey were their daughters, while Devin Hervey was their son. 

The couple formally separated after ten years of going through ups and downs.

Rick Fox

Vanessa’s second marriage, which lasted five years, was to retired NBA player Rick Fox. Sasha Gabriella Fox, the former couple’s daughter, was born as a result of their marriage. 

The distance between the Canadian-Bahamian basketball player and the first African-American Miss America was a crucial factor in their split. Rick and Vanessa are now divorced and have gone on with their lives.

As shown in the video above, the New York native isn’t afraid to speak openly about her three marriages. The bright American personality’s previous relationships were turbulent and unstable, but her present one is sailing nicely.

Vanessa Williams And Jim Skrip- Happily Ever After

The pair, along with Sasha, Vanessa’s daughter from her second marriage, are currently live in Depew, Buffalo, New York. There’s no word on whether the real estate agent has legally adopted the three children from her past marriages.

Looking at the social media accounts of the 1984 Miss America, she appears to be living a healthy and happy life with her partner. 

Skrip, Vanessa Williams’ husband, is not involved in any of these, although he is a regular figure on his wife’s social media.

The couple, who are both over 55, have no plans to start a family of their own. They are content with the current situation. Vanessa may not have had prior success, but she certainly seems to agree with the title as the vocalist of “Save the Best for Last.”

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