‘Love Island’ Season 3 Winners Korey Gandy and Olivia Kaiser Are Taking It A Step At A Time!

After voters chose Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy as their favorite couple on August 15, they won Season 3 of Love Island. Throughout the season, the two became closer, but they just admitted that their relationship isn’t yet official.

Kaiser and Gandy revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they were taking things one stride at a time. The couple also said that they hadn’t decided what they were to each other and were just going with the flow.

We’re simply letting it all hang out and rolling with the punches. There’s no pressure, and we’re extremely clear about our positions. It is real for us. So I don’t want to rush things, and he doesn’t want to rush things and not work out. Kaiser and Gandy are the first and only pair to win Love Island. And, like the previous winning couples from the previous two seasons, the couple agreed to split the $100,000 grand prize.

Olivia Kaiser
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The winning couple is given two envelopes, one of which has “$100,000” printed on it and the other of which is blank, according to the program’s structure. The person who receives the envelope with the amount inscribed on it can keep the money or split it with their partner.

This season, when Gandy received the envelope with the words “$100,000” scrawled on it, he decided to split it right away, claiming it was the easiest decision he’d ever made.

Gandy and Kaiser On the show ‘Love Island,’

Kaiser and Gandy announced their relationship on the 32nd day of the 40-day CBS reality show. Kaiser had a relationship with Javonney Vega until he was abandoned on day 17 of the show. Kyra Lizama, Trina Njoroge, Floriza Diaz, Cashay Proudfoot, and Leslie Golden were among Gandy’s other girlfriends.

Following their official on-air alliance, Kaiser and Gandy held a meet-and-greet with each other’s families. Kaiser told her mother about her experiences on the island and what she had learnt about herself.

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I’ve always known I wasn’t broken, but I’ve never had the feeling I was. My mind and heart were simply not in sync. My thinking realized I wasn’t broken; I’m capable of more… I knocked down those walls, and I deserve it… For the first time in my life, I believe I am.
Kaiser and Gandy met some unexpected occurrences during their stay on the show. Kaiser, for example, was accused of appearing as if she liked Gandy during the section where the candidates learned what America thought of them.

Another segment required the candidates to smell one other’s filthy laundry in order to determine which pheromones they were most drawn to. Except for Gandy and Alana Paolucci, who chose each other’s outfits, all of the islanders chose their partners.

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