Lou Dobbs from CNN files for divorce for his second marriage citing fraud as the reason. Know the real reasons!

TV host Lou Dobbs has married Debi Lee Segura for the second time. Debi, his wife, is about 8 years younger than he is.

Why did Lou Dobbs’ first marriage fail?

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Kathy Wheeler, Lou’s high school sweetheart, was married for the first time. They dated for a while until he married her in 1969. Kathy became pregnant just a few months after they married. She gave birth to a baby boy in 1970.

Then his career became so difficult that he had to move from place to place and couldn’t devote time to his family.

This is said to be the primary reason that their relationship began to suffer from differences. He became close to another woman, Debi Segura, during such fights with his wife. So, what’s next?

Kathy Wheeler and Lou Wheeler divorced in 1981, the same year they split.

Lou’s Second Marriage

In 1982, Lou married Debi Segura, with whom he is now happily married. Debi worked for CNN as a sports anchor. Heather, Hillary, and Buffie Dobbs are their four children: one son, Jason Dobbs, and three daughters, Heather, Hillary, and Buffie Dobbs.

Lou Dobbs Wife
Source: The Denver Post

In the meantime, it was reported that Lou is seeking a divorce from her second wife, Debi Lee Segura, citing her nationality as the reason. He accused her of deceiving him and concealing her nationality because she is Mexican.

When asked about the news later, they said that it was fake and that it was just a rumor.

Educational Background

When it comes to schooling, Dobbs attended Minico High School in Minidoka County. He was the president of his school’s student body. He also played Sousaphone and was a member of the football team at his high school.

He then continued his education at the University of Idaho and Idaho State University. He went to Harvard University for his graduation. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1967.

Lou Dobbs Fox
Source: TV Line

He also attended the UI College of Law in Moscow for a brief period of time.

Lou Dobbs: Short Bio

Louis Carl ‘Lou’ Dobbs is a journalist, poet, radio host, and television personality from the United States. He was born in Childress Country, Texas, on September 24, 1945.

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