Loren Gray: Boyfriend Kyle ‘DYSN’ DeLoera Break Up?

It is possible that the iconic couple Loren Gray and Kyle ‘DYSN’ DeLoera have split up.

According to reports, the couple began dating in the fall of 2020. They used to flaunt their relationship on social media quite frequently.

But things are no longer the same. And, while the situation is still hazy, here is everything we know about it.

Loren Gray and Kyle DeLoera Dispel Dating Rumors

Gray posted a video on TikTok with an unusual caption as everyone was preparing for Valentine’s Day.

She did a quick twirl to Damickey Lillard’s ‘Major Bag Alert,’ and the words on screen stated that she would be spending Valentine’s Day alone and on herself.

Of course, this was not a sad TikTok, but rather a triumphant one. She would also treat herself to dinner, according to the caption.

And that isn’t the only thing we have to complain about. Fans of Gray and DeLoera noticed that they had deleted half of their photos together earlier this month.

Gray’s followers, in particular, were worried about her well-being as they drew further conclusions from the moody stories she had posted.

Gray fans also mentioned that they suspected her boyfriend of being a groomer because of their age difference. Gray is 19 years old, while DeLoera is 26.

Moving further back in time, Gray posted a TikTok last month about how “he” says it’s time to break up, but she already broke up with him in her head three months ago.

With the context in mind, we can assume she is referring to her boyfriend. Later, near the end of January, she posted another TikTok about how all of her exes were insane.

So, once again, we’re assuming DeLoera was added to this list by this point. Having said that, DeLoera still has photos of him and Gray on his Instagram.

On the other hand, she appears to have cleansed hers of him. They appear to have been dating until December of last year, according to Gray’s TikTok.

So it’s a little perplexing that she still has posts with her boyfriend in them dating back to 2020. All of this casts doubt on their relationship status.

Loren Gray’s Relationship History With Her Boyfriend

Gray’s personality has always been open and honest as a TikTok star. She is, however, tight-lipped about who she is dating.

She has been the type to let people unravel the strings rather than announce them. Even if she hasn’t made it too difficult for herself.

Her boyfriend and she appear to have begun dating in September 2020. This was when they both started posting photos of each other on their Instagram accounts.

From photos of them celebrating birthdays together to sharing intimate hugs, the couple appeared to be inseparable. Gray was then photographed holding hands with Tayler Holder in August of last year.

This is when she came clean, joking that they were holding hands in one of her music videos and that she had a boyfriend who wasn’t Holder.

She posted a video of herself hugging a guy a few days after this incident. While the mystery person’s face was obscured, his tattoos were visible. These tattoos were similar to DeLoera’s.

It was clear at this point that the two had been dating. Soon after, the couple began posting TikToks and photos together.

They were adored by their fans and followers and quickly rose to the status of “it couple.” Unfortunately, it appears that everything has come to an end.

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