Liv Pollock, Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend Has Been Supportive of His Career From The Very Beginning!

Liv Pollock, Dacre Montgomery’s girlfriend, has been with him for almost four years. They’ve been to a lot of public events since they started dating, including the Screen Actors Guild Awards. On numerous occasions, Montgomery and Pollock have acknowledged their love and admiration for one another.

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard shared a black-and-white photo of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram in November 2019. In the caption, he expressed his love for her.

“This woman is the heart and soul of all I do. She possesses both intelligence and grace “He scribbled.

“She’s the one who packs her belongings and travels the globe for me. She’s the one that wakes up in a different hotel room every day in order to support me.”

Montgomery went on to say that his partner assisted him in staying in the moment and not taking things too seriously.

He characterized her as his emotional support and as a “sounding board and intelligence” who frequently assisted him in fleshing out ideas. Pollock has also shared her admiration for Montgomery on social media. She shared a series of photos of the two at a beach about the same time he made the aforementioned post.

“My everything,” she said on Instagram, adding a black heart emoji as a description.

Dacre Montgomery’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

Pollock is a model who works for the Australian modeling agency Vivien’s Model Management. She started out modeling swimsuits before moving on to fashion modeling in 2019. Pollock described the adjustment as “difficult, but in a good manner.” “It forced me out of my comfort zone… it was more sophisticated and a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate my abilities.”

Pollock is pursuing a degree in design while also working as a model. In fact, her and Montgomery’s shared passion for design was a major factor in their meeting.

“We’re both incredibly interested about design,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’m studying architecture and Dacre studied interior design.” “As a result of our shared love of design, we were pulled to each other.”

Montgomery’s celebrity, according to Pollock, had no bearing on their relationship, which was based on shared principles and an adventurous spirit.

“Just because his job puts him in the spotlight doesn’t and never will be an issue that we will let impact our relationship,” she said.

Dacre Montgomery’s Relationship with His Girlfriend

Both Montgomery and Pollock are from Perth, and they met through mutual business acquaintances. The couple started conversing on social media to build their friendship. Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock celebrated their four-year anniversary.

Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. (Image credit: Instagram)

While it’s unclear when they began speaking, she posted on Instagram on November 28, 2021, to commemorate their fourth dating anniversary.

“With you, I’ll do another round around the sun… Thank you for providing four of the greatest. I’ll always love you, “she wrote in the caption.

Pollock previously took a year off from his studies at the University of Western Australia to travel to Atlanta and be with Montgomery while he worked.

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