Lindsay Hartley Filed For Divorce From Husband; Discusses Her Courageous Daughter

We have heard numerous stories about marriages failing in our community and also in the entertainment industry. This has been a fairly common occurrence, and we have grown accustomed to accepting it all, but when it occurs with someone you care about, much alone your favorite relationship, it can be terrible.

Many must have felt the same way after learning that Lindsay Hartley of “Days of Our Lives” filed for divorce from Justin Hartley of “This Is Us.” Learn more about her divorce and her courageous daughter in today’s article.

She is divorced from her husband, but is she dating now?

Lindsay has ruled the heart of her incredible work in a number of series. In terms of her personal life, we are well aware that she married Justin Hartley, a co-star from the soap opera “Passion.” The duo met while working on the series and after six months of dating, they got engaged on 13th November 2003.
Later that year, on 1st May 2004, they made their relationship legally binding. They were married for eight years until Lindsay Hartley filed for divorce on May 6, 2012, claiming the ultimate cause as ‘irreconcilable differences.’

On July 3, 2004, the couple welcomed a daughter, Isabella Justice Hartley.

Lindsay’s ex-husband has already remarried. Since January 2014, he has been dating actress Chrisell Stause. The couple made their relationship official in 2016 after being engaged.

On the other hand, it appears as though the mother is still unwilling to pursue another relationship. Lindsay Hartley may or may not be single.

Lindsay’s relationship with her daughter: After filing for divorce, Lindsay requested joint physical and legal custody of her daughter. The former couple is currently somber about their parenthood.

On the other hand, Lindsay addressed her daughter in a 2016 interview. When Lindsay was questioned about her daughter, she stated how her daughter is maturing as an early adolescent and dealing with life’s challenges. As she put it,

“My daughter is going to be 12 on July 3 so she’s like a young girl herself. This girl is even older, and you have to give that child a lot of space, which is what we as mothers do anyway as kids get older.”

Additionally, she mentioned how similar they were as children. As she put it,

“We didn’t have school yesterday for teacher in-service day so we went to Disneyland because she just got accepted at this performing arts school. So we went on Splash Mountain, her first time ever.

Additionally, she stated,

“I was so proud of her because she’s kind of a scaredy-cat. She’s getting more brave now. We were on the ride and I was like, “Oh my God, I feel like a bad parent. I hope she doesn’t freak out when we go down that big drop.” She was great. She didn’t love it, but she made it through. But you know how they have a picture at the end? Her face looks so scared and focused, like super-focused. That’s how I look so much of the time, when I’m really focusing on something. And she had that exact picture. She goes, “I look like you.” I’m like, “You do.”

All of this indicates that Lindsay Hartley is currently very occupied with parenthood and is also pursuing a profession.

Lindsay Hartley was born on April 17, 1978, and began her career in 1998 as a guest actress on the soap opera “Passion.” Additionally, she has appeared in The Other Half (2002), CSI (2009), Days of Our Lives (2009–2010), and a variety of other television shows. She is currently promoting her thriller film “Death House.”
All of the California native’s work in various films and television series must have contributed significantly to his outstanding net worth. Despite her efforts, her net worth has not been disclosed publicly but is thought to be in the millions.