Linda Lavin: Love a Third Chance With Spouse Steve Bakunas

Linda Lavin had several reasons to rejoice this Valentine’s Day. She praised her husband, Steve Bakunas, and their time together.

Linda Lavin wedding anniversary is also on February 14. Their 17th year as a married couple began in 2022.

Linda Lavin’s Third Husband’s Story

Lavin had been married and divorced twice by the turn of the century. In the year 2000, she was living in Wilmington, North Carolina.

She had moved to town five years before. She restarted her life in a way, with no one she knew around.

The theater legend had been restoring buildings in the area. She was all alone, and it had been nearly a decade since her previous marriage had ended, so she didn’t think love was on the horizon.

“I didn’t think I’d ever get married again,” Lavin said of the time before meeting her current husband on Broadway in 2010. Bakunas, on the other hand, changed her mind.

He moved to Wilmington five years after she did, and the two met through a mutual friend. Her friend believed he could assist her with her foundation.

Their correspondence began with messages, and they eventually met at a theater opening. He was sitting directly in front of her. It hit her as soon as he turned around.

“When he turned around, I thought, “I’m so glad I had my hair done today,” Lavin recalled of his husband. “He’s very attractive and extremely talented.”

It was November 17, 2000, a Thursday. Their romance began over a cup of coffee that weekend, and they have “never been apart since.”

That year, they celebrated Thanksgiving together, and he “washed all the dishes and asked all the right questions.” He then pursued her to New York.

He proposed after they had been together for five years. In 2005, he paid her a surprise visit while performing an Arthur Miller play in Chicago. Then he pulled out a ring and she burst into tears.

She was so overjoyed that she immediately began planning her wedding gown, and she accepted the proposal only after he said, “You have to answer the question first.”

They began their lives together in Wilmington, restoring and building houses as well as operating the Red Barn theater. Bakunas, according to Lavin, designed and built all of the sets, as well as directed and acted in the plays.

They will be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary on February 14, 2022. She shared two photos from her 2005 wedding.

Lavin and her husband pose for the camera in their wedding attire in the first post. And the second captured their joyous expressions just before cutting their three-tier wedding cake.

Previous Relationships of Linda Lavin

Before Bakunas, Lavin was married to two theater legends. She was married to her first husband, Ron Leibman, from September 1969 to August 1981.

Then, on August 22, 1982, she married Kip Niven. Their marriage lasted seven years and ended in a bitter legal battle.

Lavin filed for divorce from her then-husband, claiming infidelity and cruelty. Their divorce was finalized in July 1992, and she was ordered to pay Niven $675,000 in alimony.

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