Lil Tecca Is The Rapper Everyone Is Talking About – Know More About The Talented Artist Here!

Lil Tecca is a relatively newcomer to the hip-hop world. Even though he is on the younger side of the scale, this adolescent should not be underestimated. The rapper, who turns 26 on August 26, has established a sizable social media following in a fairly short period of time.

Fans have been wondering about Lil Tecca, who is relatively new to the game. So, here are five facts about the up-and-coming rapper that you should know.

What is the real name of Lil Tecca?

What is Lil Tecca’s real name?” fans have long wondered, as they do with many other musicians with monikers.

Tyler Sharpe is the rapper’s real name, according to the podcast The Fresh Movement. He also disclosed that Tecca was a moniker given to him by a female he knew during his time on the online radio show.

Where is he from?

The rapper also revealed that he grew up in Queens in the aforementioned interview with Complex. With his parents, he spent his early years in Springfield Gardens.

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His family relocated to Nassau County, Long Island, when he was in seventh grade. When he puts on his rapper character, though, he does not harken back to his Yankee roots.

Lil Tecca Started Rapping to Diss A Friend

The ‘Ransom’ rapper revealed how he wrote his first bars to a beat during a 2019 interview with Complex. He went on to say that he and one of his first Xbox mates used to go back and forth roasting one other.

He got bored of roasting his pal one day and chose to criticize him on a single instead, according to the publication. One thing led to another, and the young rapper’s career took off in a flash.

Lil Tecca started rapping in sixth grade and became more serious about it in April 2017. Despite this, he has 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where his songs receive tens of millions of views. On Instagram, he currently has over 3.9 million followers as of this writing.

Relationship Status

Lil Tecca’s love life is a mystery, either because he is unmarried or because he keeps his relationships under wraps. However, research suggests that the former is more accurate.


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The rapper often identified a Twitter user with the handle @lelyyyxo as his girlfriend. However, he hasn’t done so since late 2018.

There have been allegations that he is dating a girl named Racquell since then. However, there isn’t enough information on the internet to back up the claims.

He Insists he was whatever people thought he was

Lil Tecca politely said that he was whatever people believed he was when asked if he identified as a New York rapper by the magazine.

However, the interview suggested that the rapper attempted to downplay his New York origins in order to avoid being associated with the city’s characteristic rap style.

Because few people knew he was from New York, he wasn’t under as much pressure to stick to that particular rap sub-genre.

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