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 Who is Leon Edwards?

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Leon Edwards is a professional MMA fighter who competes in the Welterweight division. He has been fighting since 2011. He competed at BAMMA before joining the UFC, where he was also the Welterweight division champion.

Leon is known for his ferocious physique and fighting style, which has earned him 18 UFC victories. It’s no surprise that his fans come from all over the world, and many want to know how he stays in shape. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Leon Edwards’ workout and diet plan.

Leon Edwards: Diet Plan

There isn’t much information about Leon’s diet, but he eats a very healthy diet without a doubt. You can tell by looking at his physical condition. I’m guessing that because he works out so hard, his body requires a lot of carbs and protein to keep him bulked up.

So, for his weight category, a meal plan of 2.5k to 3k calories would be appropriate. Let’s look at a diet that will help you achieve Leon’s physique. Before you do that, make sure you drink at least two gallons of water per day.

Leon Edwards eats the following foods:


  • Blueberries pancakes
  • Eggs


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Veggies
  • Salad

Evening Snack

  • Banana protein shake


  • Salmon or turkey
  • Asparagus
  • Salad

Leon Edwards: Workout Routine

Leon has always maintained a similar physique, but in recent years he has drastically improved his health. Leon works out in a variety of ways to stay in shape and improves on a regular basis. Weight lifting, weight training, resistance band workouts, agility workouts, and the MMA routine are all part of the training. Because his trainer is in charge of all of these workouts, it’s impossible to say exactly how he does them.

However, I am familiar with the exercises he performs, and after some searching, I was able to locate this video. You can see a day of training in Leon’s life in this video, but I’m sure a lot has changed since then. His Instagram account also provides a wealth of information.

As a result, I was able to handle all of his workouts thanks to that. Leon must work out five days a week based on the intensity of the movement. So he’d have to take two days off. Let’s get started: I believe I can create a routine that is similar to Leon’s training pattern, so let’s get started:

The following is a list of Leon Edwards’ workout:

Routine in the Morning

Your morning routine is based on your MMA training and workouts. Make sure you join an MMA gym; I’m not qualified to assist you in this area. Keep your MMA training under an hour and a half and follow it up with a super intense core workout that includes a circuit routine that lasts no more than 25 to 30 minutes.

Crunches, plank, side plank, leg raises, stability plank, and other exercises can be done. If you’re used to working out, try using a resistance band or weights in certain activities. So, in the morning, you’ll be training for about two hours.

Evening Schedule

We will do an hour of weight training in the evening routine. Now I’m familiar with some of Leon’s favorite weight-training exercises. Leon enjoys working on and strengthening his legs, which he does mostly with lower body exercises.

We’ve seen how powerful his kicks are, so that’s the reason. Aside from that, he enjoys performing compound movements, particularly deadlifts. To improve your results, you can incorporate these exercises into your regular workout.

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