Legendary Streamer Duo Hamlinz and Daequan Are Making An Incredible Comeback!

Daequan and Hamlinz were two of the most well-known names in Fortnite broadcasting on the internet until they went on sabbatical. Millions of followers have been waiting for their return since they vanished from all social media platforms in 2019.

Both streamers have returned to the internet following the publication of their ‘Official Return Video’ on NRG Thoom House’s YouTube channel on August 27. This follows a viral marketing effort and hidden hints on their social media.

The Legendary Streamers Have Returned!

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Fans finally got their wish when the NRG Thoom House channel released a 33-minute house tour with Daequan and Hamlinz showing off their “7M Content House.” Their house, as the video’s title suggests, is worth roughly $7 million and will be the new location from which the boys will stream in the following days.

They even unveiled 7 of their housemates in their most recent video and stated that they’re back in the gaming industry, stronger than ever. Aside from game broadcasts, they talked about their new podcast, which will premiere on their YouTube channel soon. They also stated that their goal is to create entertainment that has never been seen before, to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and to provide enjoyment to viewers.

Daequan and Hamlinz
Source: Esports Talk

In 2018, Hamlinz took his first hiatus from social media when he wrote a tweet regarding his health problems, which prevented him from streaming Fortnite and staying active on social media. Daequan announced on TwitLonger in 2019 that he had to take a break from streaming due to a family tragedy and mental health difficulties.

Before they vanished in 2019, Hamlinz and Daequan were two of the best Fortnite players. Aside from their outstanding gaming, their captivating demeanor has piqued the interest of many users on the platform. Fans are eagerly awaiting videos and live broadcasts from the duo, thanks to their fresh new YouTube channel and several announcements regarding future releases.

Viral Cryptic Tweets by Daequan and Hamlinz on Twitter

The biggest indication the pair gave away two days before their public homecoming were these cryptic Twitter postings shared at the same time. These tweets elicited a flurry of positive replies from their online followers, as well as speculation of a comeback. Their fans were on the edge of their seats due to the buildup, making their return one of the most awaited in streaming history.

Campaign to ‘Find the Streamers’

Daequan and Hamlinz’s fans were still hoping for a comeback this year after they vanished from all social media sites in 2019. The ‘Find the Streamers’ marketing effort, which began in early August this year with the introduction of a YouTube channel called ‘Find the Streamers,’ stunned everyone (now NRG Thoom House).

In addition, a viral billboard in Las Vegas captioned ‘Have you seen these streamers?’ with a photo of Daequan and Hamlinz popped up, as did other posters in Los Angeles. Following the incident, a secret feed revealed a billboard featuring Daequan and Hamlinz, hinting at their return, culminating in the announcement that the duo had joined NRG.

Find the Streamers
Source: Esports Talk

NRG ultimately stated that the duo had joined the NRGfam and that their comeback would air on their YouTube channel the following day.

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