Learn More About Wolf Blitzer’s Bio, Family, Wife, and more!

Wolf Blitzer is the son of Holocaust survivors Cesia and David Blitzer and has a lovely family of three children.

When his daughter gave birth to a newborn boy, Wolf Blitzer became a grandfather for the first time. Get to know his family!

Relationship Status

Lynn Greenfield, Blitzer’s wife, and he married in 1973. They’ve been married for 48 years and are approaching their golden wedding anniversary. In an interview with the HUFFPOST in 2009, the CNN correspondent revealed that his wife worked as a professional shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue. She assists him in selecting his neckties.

Ilana Blitzer is the couple’s daughter from their marriage. She works as a beauty director for two magazines in New York: Health Magazine and All You Magazine. Emory University was her alma mater.

On November 7, 2008, she married Joseph Gendelman for the first time. They went to the same university, but only became acquainted when their families became friends. Ilana and Joseph divorced after only a few years of marriage.

After that, in 2015, Ilana married David Snider. Blue Hill At Stone Barns hosted the wedding. Ilana gave birth to a baby boy, Ruben Daniel Snider, in August 2016, a year after the wedding, and Blitzer became a grandfather.

Grandson was welcomed into the family.

The arrival of the veteran journalist’s grandson added to the family’s joy. But, because Blitzer is a private person, he didn’t tell the media or his social media accounts about his grandson.

His news channel, on the other hand, made a statement on his behalf. On Facebook, CNN’s The Situation Room shared the happy news about the baby, along with a gorgeous photo of him cradling his newborn granddaughter. The Situation Room reporter then congratulated Blitzer on behalf of the whole CNN family, expressing delight at the newest member of the “Wolf pack.”

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