Learn More About Tracey Lynne Turner’s Son With Shaun Cassidy – Roan Howard Cassidy!

Shaun Cassidy, the actor in Breaking Away, is a household figure in Hollywood. Shaun is a loving father of seven lovely children in addition to being a renowned entertainer.

We should all be aware that Shaun was married twice before meeting Tracey Lynne Turner, his muse, in 2004. They have four children together and are producing lovely blue-eyed children.

For the time being, Shaun Cassidy and I will be discussing Tracey Lynne Turner’s son, Roan Howard Cassidy. Let’s go on a ride.

Roan Cassidy, Tracey Lynne Turner and Shaun Cassidy’s Second Child

Producer Tracey Lynne Turner and singer Shaun Cassidy welcomed four children together, as previously announced.

Roan Howard Cassidy is the couple’s second child. Roan Turner, the son of Tracey Lynne Turner, was born on September 23, 2006.

He is still quite young and, as a result, is not on any social media platforms. Papa Cassidy, on the other hand, occasionally lets the world into the life of his second child.

Roan’s images are occasionally uploaded by Shaun Cassidy, who exhibits his progress and personality. The blue-eyed boy appears to be a happy, bouncy ball.

He appears to like baseball and spending time with his father and brother, Caleb Turner Cassidy. Despite the fact that there isn’t much information on Tracey Lynne Turner’s kid, Roan, he must be having a good time at school and learning a lot about academics and life in general.

Famous Parents of Roan Howard

We are all aware of Roan Howard’s parents’ achievements in the entertainment world. On August 28, 2004, in front of friends and family, the couple exchanged vows.

Tracey Lynne Turner, Roan Howard Cassidy’s mother, and Shaun Cassidy’s wife is a well-known producer who has worked on films such as Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Shaun appears to be her first conjugal relationship. She is also seventeen years younger than Shaun, her spouse.

Shaun Cassidy
Source: The Hardy Boys Wiki

Shaun had already married twice and was the proud father of three children, unlike Turner. Cassidy’s first wife, Ann Pennington, gave birth to two children during their fourteen-year marriage: Caitlin Cassidy and John Cassidy.

From May 7, 1995, to March 1, 2003, singer Shaun Cassidy was married to model Susan Diol. During their eight years of marriage, the former couple had a beautiful daughter, Juliet Cassidy.

Siblings by Roan Howard Cassidy

As previously established, Roan is the power couple’s second child. Caleb Turner Cassidy, his older brother, is one year his senior. Lila Tracey Cassidy and Mairin Cassidy are his younger sisters.

Despite their individual differences, the four siblings have a strong bond. Shirley Jones, Roan’s grandmother, is particularly fond of him and his brothers.

Besides, the six-person family is having a terrific time together and is looking forward to spending time together as a family.

We don’t know much about Roan Cassidy because Tracey Lynne Turner’s son is young and she values her privacy. But, like his older half-sibling, Caitlin, let’s hope he follows in his father’s footsteps to the entertainment of deviating in some other areas.

Meaning of the Name

Roan is an Irish surname that means “small redhead.”

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