Learn More About Tim The Tat Man Including His Age, Bio, Real Name, Beautiful Wife, And Family!

Tim The Tat Man earns money by uploading videos to YouTube and Twitch. He is well-known for his Counter-Strike gameplay videos and already has over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and approximately 2.9 million Twitch followers.

Apart from his burgeoning business, Tim enjoys happy family life as a married man on the verge of fatherhood. He is currently juggling streaming and caring for his pregnant wife.

To be sure, the gamer is overjoyed to welcome a new member into his family, which will only serve to enhance his bond with his other half.

Consider his bio, which includes information on his family!

With Wife Tim, I’m Living an Ecstatic Married Life Timothy John Betar, aka The Tat Man, is happily married to his wife, whom he adores. He is married to Alexis, whom he has known since they were in high school.

Tim and Alexis dated in high school, it turns out. They subsequently split up but resumed their romance during their freshman year of college. Even then, the duo was unable to make their relationship work due to distance.

Despite their love for one another, they parted ways. However, life brought them together towards the conclusion of summer and the start of fall.

Tim had messaged Alexis on occasion during that time, and to his surprise, she was also in New York at the time. Tim and Alexis caught up, and Tim opened out about his feelings for Alexis. She returned the following day, and two weeks later, she returned to Tim.

Since that time, the two have been inseparable and are now married.

Tim earned $417.9K in December 2015 and presented his fiancée with an engagement ring, asking her to marry him. Alexis accepted the proposal, and Tim announced his engagement the next day on social media.

He shared a photo of the ring on Twitter while also formally releasing the video on YouTube in which he discussed his connection with his fiancée with fans.

Eight months later, in August 2016, Tim and his girlfriend exchanged wedding vows, officially tying the marriage. He teased his followers with a photo of himself and his wife, as well as bridesmaids and groomsmen, on his Twitter account.

Tim, who is of normal height, was previously silent about his relationship with his wife, but once he did, he has been candid about their love. He frequently shares photos of himself with his wife on social media. The couple recently celebrated two years of marriage in August.


The pair recently celebrated two years of marriage and are now preparing to welcome a new member into their family. As it turns out, Alexis is expecting their first child, who is due on 7th April 2019.

Tim, 28, took to social media to announce the addition of a new family member. He shared a photo from the sonograph alongside a baby outfit that included a controller emblem and the phrase “Player 3 Loading…”

He included the hashtag “that baby” in the caption and added the phrase “coming soon” to the post. Tim, of course, made certain to inform his followers of the good news.

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