Learn More About Anastassija – Mickey Rourke’s Girlfriend and Their Relationship Status!

Anastassija Makarenko, a model, is Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend. The couple met in 2009 during a picture session and have been together ever since.

Anastassija Makarenko is 35 years old, which makes her 34 years younger than her partner, Rourke. In a 2010 interview with People, Rourke remarked of his fiancée, “She’s a gift from heaven.”

Rourke did not hold back in describing the woman with whom he fell in love throughout the interview. As he claimed, the actor also talked favorably of her parents. She is, without a doubt, a stunning woman. But she has the biggest heart, a wonderful family, and she is extremely close to her mother and father, both of whom are wonderful individuals.

Rourke refused to swap Makarenko “for twenty academy Oscars” when asked whether he was already engaged to his girlfriend. Makarenko also admitted that her partner is “too liked” by her parents. She is said to have expressed her love for her lover by saying,

He’s the most attractive man in the planet, a sweetheart, and the nicest boyfriend imaginable.

Relationship Status

Makarenko produced a video for Cotton USA in 2010 in which she gave out a few details about herself. She disclosed that she was born in Russia in the video. Despite being born in Russia, Makarenko spent her childhood in Germany after her family relocated to the western European country when she was a “baby.”

The model stated that she was “living and working” in New York at the time of the tape, but that she would travel to Germany on occasion. Makarenko claims that she began modeling at the age of sixteen after her mother sent her photos to a modeling agency. Makarenko is currently located in Los Angeles, where she has been in a number of high-profile fashion shows, including the Armani Show in Milan.

Anastassija Makarenko
Source: Metro Models

Makarenko’s modeling career has brought her all over the world, but she is said to consider Zurich, Switzerland, to be one of the “prettiest” towns she has ever visited. She’s also an aspiring Instagram model, having been born in Russia. At the time of writing, she has 684000 Instagram followers.

Makarenko isn’t afraid to post photos of her family on Instagram, particularly those of her grandmother and parents. She, on the other hand, rarely shares photos of herself with Rourke, her boyfriend.

She is also an animal enthusiast, with a particular fondness for dogs. Rourke’s girlfriend describes herself as a “#doggylover” in the bio of her Instagram account.

Tango, a Pomeranian, was given to her as a gift when their relationship was still young.

A Look Back at Mickey Rourke’s Previous Relationships

Before his relationship with Makarenko, the actor who wowed moviegoers with his flawless portrayal in the critically acclaimed 2008 film The Wrestler had a previous relationship history. Rourke has been married twice, however, both marriages terminated early due to conflicts between him and his previous spouses.

Anastassija Makarenko and Mickey
Source: Lightfield Studios

On January 31, 1981, the actor married his first wife, actress Debra Feuer. After a divorce in 1989, his connection with Feuer came to an end. Rourke fell in love with Carre Ortis, a San Francisco-born actress, a few years later. In 1992, the ex-couple married each other for the first time. Their marriage, however, dissolved six years later.

According to reports, the actor has a tattoo of his second wife’s name on his torso.

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