Learn All About YouTuber Roxxsaurus Net Worth and His Income From Merch & YouTube

YouTube is a platform that has given many people once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Anyone, even a random guy down the street, can make money by uploading a video to YouTube.

As a result, we can say that YouTube has helped to reduce unemployment by a certain percentage. Many people, including Roksana Janiszewska, have made YouTube their primary source of income.

Roksana Janiszewska runs the Roxxsaurus YouTube channel, which she started on December 26, 2012. She was born on March 14, 1996, in Rugby, England, and moved there when she was eight years old.

Roksana is a makeup artist as well as an illustrator. She updates her YouTube channel twice a week with new videos and frequently blogs on Tumblr. Let’s take a look at how much Roxxsaurus makes from her YouTube channel.

Her YouTube Channel’s Earnings

Roksana is one of the fortunate people who has made it big on YouTube, as previously stated. Her YouTube channel currently has nearly four million subscribers and over 366 million views.

Roksana Janiszewska’s net worth is in the thousands of dollars, which comes as no surprise. Roxxsaurus earns $2.8K to $45.1K per month and a total estimated sum of $33.8K to $541.3K per year from her YouTube videos, according to her SocialBlade.

Roksana also uploads videos about Fashion, Simple Life Hacks, DIYs, Craft Ideas, Makeup Tutorials, Hair Tutorials, and a variety of other topics. She makes money not only from her videos, but also from sponsored Instagram posts and videos from brands like Boots.

Merchandise and Other Income Sources

Apart from her YouTube channel, Roksana also makes money from the sales of her own clothing line, which includes tops and t-shirts that cost around $24.89. Her T-shirts are well-known among her fans, so it’s safe to say that her merchandise only adds to her success. She also has her own cosmetics line.

As previously stated, Roksana is also a blogger, so she most likely earns money from her daily blogs as well. She must have made a tidy profit not only from bogging but also from endorsing a slew of well-known brands such as Nivea, Gigi Hadid, Hairburst, and a slew of others. Roksana Janiszewska aka Roxxsaurus’ net worth must include all of her endorsement and advertising earnings, so she must be wealthy.

Matt and I are living a comfortable life together.

Roxxsaurus Enjoying A Pleasant Life With Beloved Partner Matt

Matt Gibbs, Roksana Janiszewska’s boyfriend, is also a YouTuber. The lovely couple has worked together a lot in the past. Matt focuses on comedy and sketches, while his girlfriend focuses on makeup and life hacks.

His YouTube channel has nearly two million views and over 27K subscribers. Matt’s talent, like that of his partner Roksana, isn’t limited to one thing. He is a multi-talented individual who works as a blogger, filmmaker, and photographer.

We can only assume that Matt’s earnings from his YouTube channel are also commendable. Roksana’s fans are also very interested in her personal life, so whenever she uploads a video with her boyfriend, it receives a lot of attention. As the lovely couple prepares to exchange vows, let us all wish them the best of luck in their future together.

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