Learn All About Vy Qwaint Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Vy Qwaint’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Vy Qwaint is a YouTuber and influencer who is known for her husband’s YouTube channel. They post various things, including vlogs and challenges, on that channel. Vy and the content she posts on her YouTube channel are unfamiliar to me, so I did some research and discovered that she does the same thing that many other YouTubers do with squads.

It’s not that I’m trying to be rude, but it’s not just what I’m used to. However, I discovered that she has a dedicated fan base interested in learning more about the Vy Qwaint workout and diet plan. So let’s take a look.

Diet Plan for Vy Qwaint

The best diet plan would consist of protein, low carbs, healthy fats, and vegetables, among other things. A gallon to two gallons of water should be consumed every day.

I’m not familiar with Vy’s diet, but if we keep our calories between 1.8 and 2 thousand and stick to the workout, we can certainly achieve her physique. That is exactly what we will do. This diet is not vegan; for a vegan diet, see my other articles or follow the diet’s alternative.


  • Eggs (oatmeal)
  • Avocado toast
  • Juice


  • Salad


  • Chicken (vegan chicken)
  • Steamed veggies
  • Salad

Evening Snack

  • Protein smoothie


  • Salmon or turkey (quinoa or whole-grain pasta)
  • Veggies
  • Salad

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft
Weight 48 kg
Age 35 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 23 inch
Hips 33 inch

Workout Routine for Vy Qwaint

So, after searching for a while, I couldn’t find much information about what she does to stay in shape. I’m guessing she hasn’t yet created a video in which Vy explains the workout routine. That’s why I can’t tell you exactly what Vy does to stay in such good shape.

However, I can still give you workouts to help you achieve Vy Qwaint’s physique. Yoga, pilates, cardio, and a few basic HIIT movements will be included in the workout to tone muscles while keeping our hearts pumping. We’ll do the workout five to six times per week, and it’ll take about an hour and a half. So let’s get started:

Vy Qwaint’s workout includes the following:


Yoga and pilates can help you slim down your core and get your lower body in shape. Pilates will strengthen your buttocks and core, as well as give you a flexible yet strong body.

Yoga, on the other hand, will improve your overall balance and ensure that your body is toned and lean while also balancing motion and mental health. As a result, you can do both of them as soon as you wake up on alternate days for four to six days a week.


The cardio workout is similar to a warm-up routine that will prepare us for the HIIT workout. As a result, we’ll do this workout later in the evening. You can get the benefits from any cardio exercise if you do it for 10 to 15 minutes. It will assist your body in getting blood to all of the muscle areas and warming your body, reducing the likelihood of injuries and pain.


We’ll do 8 to 10 simple exercises in the HIIT workout to help you get the best-toned muscles for your entire body. Let’s take a look:

Sets: 3

Reps: 30 seconds

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Squats
  • Squats jumps
  • Lunges
  • Donkey kickbacks to a fire hydrant
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Plank hold
  • Push-ups

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