Learn All About Nick Bare Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Regime, Height

Hello, today we’ll be talking about the NICK BARE WORKOUT ROUTINE and the NICK BARE DIET PLAN.

Let’s get to know him first. Nick Bare is a weight-training expert, fitness instructor, nutritionist, and entrepreneur from the United States. Nick also has a nutrition degree, and his main goal is to assist people in achieving a healthier body and a more powerful mind.

Nick is well-known for his fitness advice, but he wasn’t always in shape. He always felt too weak as a teenager because of his terrible eating disorder. Fortunately, as Nick grew older, he was able to overcome his terrible eating disorder and develop a stronger physique, as well as a successful fitness career.

Nick graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition in 2013. “My fitness journey began as a young teen, recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning my focus to a healthier and happier me,” Nick has always stated.

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Diet Plan for Nick Bare

Here are some of the questions Nick answered about his diet and future goals. INCLUDES IN THE NICK BARE DIET PLAN:

Did you, on the other hand, have to regulate your training and diet?

When I first started recovering from my disorder, I didn’t focus on training but rather on regaining weight through eating. For years, I had unhealthy relationships with food, and it took me a long time to feel comfortable feeding traditional amounts again. When I regained my strength, I began to exercise, participate in sports, and become more active.

Did you, on the other hand, get into training?

When I first began my recovery, I decided to go to an athletic facility and do some physical activity. When I was in high school, I used to train with my friends at my faculty’s soccer gym. It wasn’t serious at first – we’d just hang around and bench press and do bicep curls. Gradually, it grew into a huge interest, and by the time I needed to go to school, I was completely hooked on the fitness lifestyle. It inspired me to pursue a nutrition degree while also serving in the military.

What are your long-term objectives?

I’ve always focused on exercise and powerlifting coaching over the last ten years. When I was in the military, I developed a strong interest in CrossFit coaching and endurance training. My current objectives include learning and incorporating Olympic lifting into my workouts, as well as competing in Crossfit. In addition, I’m preparing for a marathon in Austin, Texas, as well as the Corregidor Memorial Death March in the Land of Enchantment. Nick Bare’s diet plan is the subject of this article.

Nick Bare: Fitness Regime and Workout Routine

Nick Bare works out six days a week and only rests on Sunday. His main focus as a fitness instructor was on Bulking for his body. He does the exercises at an intermediate level and does not make them too difficult or he will go insane. So, we’re going to show you Nick Bare’s workout routine.

Monday:  Chest/Triceps – Bench Focus

Muscle  Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets 
Chest Barbell  Bench 30sec 12 4
Chest Dumbbell Incline 30sec 12 4
Chest Machine Fly Machine 30sec 15 4
Triceps Dip 30sec 1 4

Tuesday Back/Bicep – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle  Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Back BackCable Rope lat 30sec 12 4

Wednesday: Legs – Squat Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Upper Legs Barbell Squats 30sec 12 4
Upper Legs Dumbbell Hamstring 30sec 12 4

Thursday: Shoulders/Arms – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Shoulders Dumbbell Lateral Raise 30sec 15 4
Shoulders Cable Front Raise 30sec 15 4
Shoulders Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug 30sec 20 4
Biceps weight Curl 30sec 15 4
Triceps Bench Press 30sec 15 4

Friday: Nick Bare Workout Routine Back/Chest – Deadlift Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Back barbell Deadlift barbell 30sec 12 4
Shoulders  Cable Row to Neck Cable Row to Neck 30sec 12 4
Back Pull-Ups 30sec 12 4

Saturday: Legs – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Upper Legs Barbell Front Squat exercising 30sec 10 4
Upper Legs Leg Extensions 30sec 12 4
Glutes Exercising weight Hip Thrust 30sec 12 4

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