Learn All About Kurapika Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height and Weight

Train Like Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika Kurta Workout Routine Hunter X Hunter’s Kurapika Kurta is a character. He is without a doubt one of the series’ primary protagonists, and he is far too powerful. Kurapika, on the other hand, cannot utilize that powerful talent on anyone other than Phantom Troupe or he would perish.

I’m sure it’s a significant setback, but it’s the price he had to pay to become the most powerful nen user and avenge the Phantom Troupe. The Kurta Clan’s last survivor is recognized for their extraordinary eyes. Keep reading if you want to get strong like Kurapika and learn the Kurapika Kurta training routine.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 57 kg
Age 19 years
Chest 39 inch
Waist 29 inch
Biceps 13.5 inch

Workout Routine for Kurapika Kurta

Kurapika is a calm and honest figure with a firm resolve that has propelled him to the top of nen user rankings. He also has the capacity to control all nen skills and use them against the phantom troupe that butchered and killed his entire Kurta Clan for the sake of money. So, how did he get to be so powerful?

Kurapika was deemed necessary even without nen, which is why he was able to become a professional hunter. Other aspects of his strength, such as his martial arts knowledge, weapon use, and even his eyes, provide him with abilities. All of these elements combine to make Kurapika so powerful.

I believe we should distinguish between nen user Kurapika and the pro hunter Kurapika. He is the only character that can be achieved with years of practice in real life. If you train hard enough, you might be able to become Kurapika; nonetheless, his physical abilities are ordinary for the series. Kurapika’s strengths include martial arts, strength, and a calm mind. All of these things are possible if you put forth the effort.

To match Kurapika’s strength, you must commit to a daily training regimen of some sort. The workout will include a variety of inner and outer body training approaches, as well as a balanced body structure. For a minimum of three hours per day, we will train. It won’t be too bad, and you won’t have to join a gym or do any weight lifting. So, let’s get this party started:

The Kurapika Kurta workout contains the following:


For starters, we need to increase our stamina and fitness, which we may do by performing a lot of exercises. So, for the cardio program, I recommend running 5 to 10 kilometers at a moderate pace.

Maintain your speed because the goal is to see how far you can go, not how fast you can finish. Other cardio workouts, such as biking or jumping rope, can also help you acquire a lot of stamina. Make sure you undertake any cardio exercises that you enjoy because they might help you improve stamina.


Medication is reasonably necessary for mental health and body and mind control. It’s something that every character in this series does, as I’ve mentioned in prior pieces. As the concept of Nen and Ren isn’t only a fiction novelist’s concoction.

Many Shaolin monks have attained this, and 30 to 60 minutes of daily meditation can provide you with a portion of the benefits. Don’t worry if you can’t meditate for that long; it’s not simple, and not everyone can do it the first time.

So take your time establishing up your concentration and meditation habit, and gradually enhance it as you become more comfortable. It will help you keep your mind and body in a balanced and tranquil state, and who knows, if you improve at meditating, you might even feel your life energy.

MMA (Martial Arts)

Learning martial arts is the last thing we need to do. I recommend performing two hours of martial arts three to five days a week. You can attend any dojo of your choice, but for the best results, I recommend practicing Chinese martial arts or Japanese martial arts. So, if you want to become as powerful as Kurapika, join a dojo.

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