Learn All About Kemba Walker Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Workout Routine and Diet Plan for Kemba Walker | Fitness Training: The Boston Celtics’ point guard is Kemba Walker. He’s been in the spotlight since 2015 when he set an all-time high of 52 points and set a season-high of 39 points. Kemba Walker is now practicing and working hard for the Boston Celtics. So, let’s have a look at his training program and food plan.

Kemba Walker’s Diet Plan

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In previous years, he had to focus on the Kemba Walker eating plan.

The Kemba Walker diet consists of:

  • He mentioned in an interview that he was eating a lot of Wendy’s cheeseburgers, which messed with his game. ‘I recall having a cheeseburger before a game, and he felt terrible and couldn’t play at all,’ he added.
  • He then hired a personal chef, who served him excellently, and he began eating more healthily.
  • Kemba Walker’s typical day begins with him getting up, eating a large and filling breakfast, going to the stadium for a workout, returning to sleep, and then eating another heavy meal, followed by a medium or light meal at night.
  • Kemba Walker’s supper is planned solely by his personal chef.
  • Leaving the outside meals of eateries while on a road trip with his squad was his toughest obstacle.
  • Kemba Walker’s eating habits He now only eats two meals before game night, which is not typical of all players but clearly works for him.
  • Kemba Walker drinks liters of water every day, which is something that every athlete does.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Kemba Walker Height 1.83 m
Kemba Walker Weight 83 kg
Kemba Walker Age 29 years
Wingspan 1.92 m
Other N/A

Workout Routine of Kemba Walker

Kemba walkers’ fitness routine centers more around the court than anywhere else, including the gym. He begins by doing a variety of warm-up exercises and stretching drills.

Workout with Kemba Walker includes:


He begins by dribbling, moving from the front to the back of the court while dribbling the ball, and then moving from side to side. He grabs a resistance band and takes his trainer outside the court, where he holds one end and Kemba Walker holds the other, and then he dribbles to the side and then back in utilizing the band’s resistance.

Ball control

He spends a lot of time practicing ball-handling dribbles, passes, and drills while making sure the ball doesn’t slip or fall out of his hands. Below is more information on Kemba Walker’s workout.

Shooting forms

Form shooting is definitely a plus and a must-have for a point guard. Guards who do not have correct form points will be useless when trying to score from the three-point range. As a result, he shoots a lot of form shots from both sides of the court.

To shoot one-on-one with the defender

He works on several strategies for getting past defenders and sliding past them to make a shot.

Shot from a distance

The step-back shot is when a player takes a step back unexpectedly to keep a distance between himself and his opponent while making a shot.

Shot of a floater

A flower shot is a shot with less glare and spin that goes with an arc in the hoop. Form and technique are most important when accomplishing this.

Kickback one step

It’s the same as stepping back, except this time he jumps back up with one leg while the leg he leapt off continues forward, and he goes for a shot. Below is further information on Kemba Walker’s workout routine.

Step back and shoot an elbow jab.

It’s similar to kicking back, however you use your elbow as a jab to hold your defender at bay before taking a shot.


He also does weight training on a daily basis. He goes to the gym and does a heavyweight workout. The reps aren’t excessive, but he makes every rep explosive. When he works on his lower body, he focuses on his legs, calves, core, and glutes.

The Kemba Walker training program is all about him.

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