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Julia Gilas’ Workout and Diet Routine: Julia Gilas is a social media personality and fitness model from Ukraine. She was blessed with natural beauty and a well-toned body, but life was not easy for her because she was born into a poor family and despised going to school.

Her life, however, changes when she enrolls in a modeling school at the age of fourteen. Julia Gilas excels in her modeling classes, becoming one of the top students. She leaves her parents at the age of 16 to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

Julia is currently ranked number one on CELEBS TRENDS NOW’s list of most popular celebrities. Gilas’ estimated net worth in 2019 is approximately one million dollars, according to Forbes, Wikipedia, and other online sources.

Julia Gilas comes from a country where basic services like food and the Internet are scarce, and she has since risen to become one of the most well-known Instagram fitness stars. Her story teaches us the value of hard work and truly motivates us to achieve our goals.

She currently has over 5 million Instagram followers, as well as a YouTube channel and website called ” Julia Gilas,” where she offers fitness training. Julia Gilas workout routine, Julia diet plan, Julia workout video, Gilas fitness regime, and Gilas gym tips are all covered in great detail in this article.

Workout routine of Julia Gilas

Gilas’ fitness training videos can be found on her official website, ” Julia Gilas.” “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence,” Julia Gilas says. If we’re talking about Julia Gilas’ fitness training and workout routine, you should know that she works out five days a week and rests on Friday and Sunday, and she does cardio after every gym session, just like many other fitness stars.

Julia switches up her workouts after a while to avoid boredom, but I’ll tell you which body parts you should work on on specific days of the week. Julia prefers volume over strength training, despite the fact that she does heavy lifts. Julia Gila’s daily fitness routine is shown below.

Monday – Cardio and full-body workout

On Mondays, she does a full-body workout that includes burpees as a warm-up and a variety of exercises such as barbell bench press and lat pull-downs, biceps curls, and so on.

Tuesday: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio

Julia Gilas works out in the gym doing HIIT exercises such as jumping ropes, jumping jacks, jump squats, bodyweight squats, and sprinting.

Wednesday -Legs and Cardio

Legs are the body’s largest muscles. As a result, they required more training than small muscles like the biceps and triceps. Barbell squats, Dumbell lunges, leg press, leg extensions, and calf raises are all good leg exercises.

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Thursday – Cardio and Abs

Abs are one of the most important muscles to train, especially if you want to look sexy or are a fitness model. Compound exercises like deadlifts, overheads, and squats can now help you improve your overall core strength. If your main focus is abs, however, you should train these body parts separately.

Saturday- Glutes and Cardio

Various variations of squats, such as Dumbell squat to press, Bulgarian Squat with slam ball, Back squat, and landmine squat, can be done in the gym to train your glutes. Julia Gila’s workout routine is the focus of this article.

Julia Gilas’s Diet Plan

Julia follows a strict diet and focuses on macros in order to maintain a lean and slim physique. Julia Gilas now changes her diet plan on a regular basis, similar to how she changes her workout routine, in order to maintain good taste and avoid becoming bored with the same foods.

However, you can see the nutrients and vitamins she consumes on a daily basis here.

  • Calories – 1431 kcal
  • Protein – 215 gm
  • Fats- 24gm
  • Carbs- 84 gm

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