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Jock Zonfrillo

Jock Zonfrillo’s Workout and Diet Routine: Jock Zonfrillo is a celebrity chef, TV personality, and judge. Jock is a judge on MasterChef Australia, which many of you are familiar with.

Anyone who follows Jock outside of the TV show knows him for a variety of things, including how good he looks. Jock is unquestionably one of the fittest chefs around, so if you want the Jock Zonfrillo workout routine and diet plan, keep reading.

Diet Plan of Jock Zonfrillo

In the same interview, Jock stated that dieting isn’t his thing because of his metabolism; he doesn’t have to die frequently. You, on the other hand, might not be as fortunate as Jock Zonfrillo.

So you can try to speed up your metabolism by eating well or by following one of the well-known Intermittent fasting regimens. I recommend fasting for 16-8 hours and eating only during the 8-hour eating window. Use this essential diet to get the best results.

Jock Zonfrillo’s diet consists of the following:

Meal 1 (noon)

  • Chicken breast
  • Rice
  • Veggies


  • Fruit smoothie

Meal 2 (4 pm)

  • Chicken/turkey or lentils
  • Rice
  • Salad

Meal 3 (7:30 pm)

  • Salmon or tuna
  • Salad
  • Veggies

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Height 6 ft
Weight 77-80 kg approximately
Age 45 years
Chest 43 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 14 inch

Workout Routine of Jock Zonfrillo

Jock Zonfrillo is a chef who is well-known for his culinary skills and passion. However, this raises the question of how Jock Zonfrillo stays in shape with such a hectic schedule of eating, trying, and judging various dishes on a daily basis.

So, in order to find out the answer, I conducted some interviews and received the results. Many of you may not like it, so stick with me until the end because I’ll still give you something that will help you get the body of Jock Zonfrillo.

Jock Zonfrillo stated in this article that the only exercise he engages in is staying active with his son and family. While staying active is important for maintaining a healthy body, it is not the sole cause of his appearance.

Later on, Jock Zonfrillo claims to have a fast metabolism, which helps him maintain his youthful appearance. As a result, Jock gets enough exercise to maintain his lean body physique even when he stays active.

I understand that some of you may not like it, and I wouldn’t say I do either, but don’t worry; I’ll give you a routine that will help you get the body of Jock Zonfrillo. We’ll do a gym workout for about an hour four days a week and stay active the rest of the time with activities like hiking, walking, trekking, sports, housework, and so on. So long as your body moves and burns calories, you’ll be able to maintain your fitness.

Jock Zonfrillo’s workout includes the following:

Weight Training

Four days of mixed weight training workouts will be combined. However, because we aren’t looking for a lot of bulk here, don’t take too much time between sets.

HIIT Cardio

We’ll be doing cardio for 20-30 minutes here. We’ll do HIIT training for about 30 minutes in this routine, which will include 15 minutes of running and 15 minutes of hydro-rowing, with one minute of moderate speed and 30 seconds of sprinting.

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