Learn All About Jade Tailor Ethnicity, Dating, Husband, and Relationship!

Jade Tailor is a familiar face on both the little and big screens.

Although Jade Tailor is most known for her role as Kady Orloff-Diaz in the TV series The Magicians, the Los Angeles native has appeared in a variety of productions, including Murder in the First, Aquarius, and Raymond & Lane.

Aside from her incredible acting abilities, admirers continue to speculate about her origin story, or, to be more specific, her ethnicity.

Ethnicity of Jade Tailor’s Parents and Family Revealed

Jade’s ethnicity is influenced by her parents’ heritage. Her father is an Israeli special forces soldier turned businessman. Her mother, on the other hand, had European and Native American ancestors.

Because of her parents’ mixed ancestry, the Aquarius actress considers herself to be of mixed ethnicity. So do her younger sister, Brooke, and her older brother, Shawn Kravich, a lawyer by trade.

Many people are unaware that Jade’s mother, Sally Pansing, abandoned her promising acting career in the 1970s to become a holistic nutritionist. Her most well-known roles include those in the Donny and Marie Show and the horror flick, Jennifer.

Another member of Jade’s family that is well-known is her stepfather, Tom Malone.

Career and Professional Life

Jade, of American origin, had a deep interest in the performing arts as a result of her family background.

She began gymnastics and ballet instruction at the age of four. By the age of seven, she was taking voice classes in R&B, Jazz, Soul, Classical, Musical Theater, and Rock.

Despite her five-foot-seven-inch height and 125-pound weight, Jade did not let her physical limitations deter her from pursuing her dreams.

In 2007, she made her acting debut. Since then, The Magicians actress – now 33 – has been a regular on the big screen.

Is She Dating Her On-Screen Boyfriend Or Has a Husband?

Despite her on-screen relationships, Jade has yet to find love with any of her co-stars – or anyone, for that matter.

Regardless of husband speculations, the 33-year-old actress’ dating life has failed to spark any rumors about any purported partner. Her dating past, like her public persona, is spotless.

It’s no surprise that The Magicians fans pushed for Jade and William Adiyodi to start dating. In the SyFy series The Magicians, Adiyodi plays Penny, Kady’s boyfriend.

To the fans’ chagrin, their prayers were never answered. Perhaps dating isn’t high on Jade’s priority list right now. Most likely, she regards dating and relationships as trivial diversions from her acting ambitions.

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