Learn All About Chad Prather’s Married Life With His Wife And Five Children!

Chad Prather, an American comedian, and political commentator, is married to Jade Prather.

Chad Prather and Jade have five children, three daughters and two males, between them. Surprisingly, they have not yet had biological children together.

Chad Prather, who is he?

Chad is a man that wears a lot of different hats. He is the host of Blaze TV’s The Chad Prather Show and a Southern comedian, humorist, motivational speaker, and YouTuber. In 2015, his rant YouTube video ‘Unapologetically Southern’ went viral, catapulting him to celebrity. The film was made in reaction to a viewer’s snide comment about his Southern accent and culture.

He went on to become an internet celebrity and was featured on Fox and Friends Weekend in October 2015, when he underlined the need of learning about various cultures rather than stereotyping them.

You notice the differences but don’t despise or caricature them. You just have to learn to value them “During his appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend, Chad said.

“I believe it is critical that we learn to appreciate various cultures…..

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In 2022, he will run for Governor of Texas

Chad Prather has a lot of big ideas for the future. He has opted to forego political commentary in favor of running for governor of Texas.

He developed a new website in April 2021 that suggests he will run against Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2022. On July 3, 2020, the comedian made the announcement officially via Twitter. Jade, also known as Jadrien Prather, the comedian’s wife, is a registered nurse who has worked at Cook Children’s Pediatrics since November 2018.

She formerly worked as a trauma nurse at THR Harris Methodist FW Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, for 14 years. She has also worked as a school nurse in Arlington ISD for six years. Chad’s Videos Feature Jade Jade appears on her husband’s podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media on a frequent basis.

One of Chad’s podcasts from 2019 contains a sincere perspective on their relationship. On the 40th edition of his podcast, Jade joined him to discuss politics, Chad’s celebrity, and dealing with hostility on social media and from fans.

They also discussed how they stayed together and worked through Prather’s sadness. She also appeared in his 2019 video ‘Getting Real About Faith With My Wife,’ in which they discuss their faith and church. When it comes to morals, political views, and beliefs, they appear to be on the same page.

In addition, he has a number of amusing YouTube movies about his wife and family life. ‘My wife is so lucky,’ for example, and ‘Marriage and Sleep,’ to name a few.

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They have five children to raise together

Chad and his wife Jade have five children together, although none of them are biologically theirs. Four of the five children are from Chad’s first marriage, three daughters and a son, while the fifth kid, a son, is from Jade’s prior marriage. To yet, neither of them has revealed anything about their previous relationships.

Brandon, Jade’s biological son, was spotted in November 2020 representing his high school rugby team. In the same month, he celebrated his 14th birthday.

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