Learn About Sofia Bevarly’s Relationship With Her Ex-Partner – Dan Bilzerian!

Sofia Bevarly, 25, is a social media sensation with over 1.6 million Instagram followers. Her barely dressed bikini images drew a lot of attention on the platform.

After dating internet playboy Dan Bilzerian, Sofia Bevarly became the center of media attention. Aside from her friendship with Dan, though, little is known about this social media sensation. Let’s learn some interesting information about Dan’s ex-girlfriend in this article.

Sofia Bevarly, who is she? Biographical Information and Wiki

Sofia is a social media influencer from the United States who was born on April 26th, 1996. She was born and raised in the United States of America, in the city of Fort Myers. She was raised as a single child by her parents.

Ethnicity and Nationality

Bevarly is of Caucasian ancestry and possesses American citizenship.

Sofia earned her bachelor’s degree from Florida International University.

Bevarly finished her senior year at South Fort Myers High School. She later went on to Florida International University, where she studied from 2016 to 2018.

Modeling is her profession.

Sofia began her profession as a swimsuit and lingerie model after graduating. She gradually became a part of a number of well-known brands.

Her Instagram account is littered with sponsored postings for the firms she represents. She represents a variety of bikini and other clothing businesses.

Sofia is a vegetarian who adores animals.

The internet sensation is a vegetarian. She also adores animals and is a strong supporter of animal rights. The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is one of her favorite charities. The group, which is based in Sherman Oaks, works to rescue abandoned and neglected animals all across the world.

Bevarly also frequently posts photographs of animals on Instagram in order to raise awareness about them.

Sofia Bevarly’s Boyfriend Dan Bilzerian’s Relationship

After getting romantically involved with Dan Bilzerian in 2017, the attractive Instagram model gained a lot of attention. Her beau has a reputation for living a hedonistic lifestyle. Dan, a scrooge, got famous on social media for throwing crazy parties with scantily clothed ladies.

Dan stated that dating Bevarly was his first monogamous relationship. Hannah Palmer, Morgan Hultgren, Lauren Blake, and Katie Bell are among the models Bilzerian has previously dated.

Sofia and Dan met for the first time during a pool party

Bilzerian revealed in an interview with Square Mile magazine that the couple met at a pool party. He told the magazine at the time about his first experience with true love. “, he explained.

“Yeah. I’ve got a girlfriend now. This is the first time. I used to have a girlfriend, but I was still f**king other women.”

“Wasn’t quite your fairytale love at first sight,” he continued. That day, I suppose I f**ked at least three girls.”

Sofia, according to Bilzerian, is a touch different and cool than the other girls he’s met thus far.

“We’ve only been hanging out for a few days… You know, she’s just a little different. She’s smart, cool, and she enjoys a lot of the same things I do. “And now we’re here.”

In early 2017, Bevarly, at 21 years old, began appearing alongside Dan. He shared a photo with his girlfriend from Necker Island in February 2017.

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In 2017, Sofia Bevarly and Dan Bilzerian began dating

Bevarly and Bilzerian were a former couple.

Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account may be found at @danbilzerian.

In the photo, the two are seen enjoying a 272.155 kg Galapagos tortoise that is 100 years old. Dan also took Sofia to a Cannabis farm in Denver, Colorado to celebrate her birthday.

At the Cannabis farm, Sofia Bevarly and her boyfriend Dan Bilzerian rolled.

At a cannabis plantation, a couple.

@danbilzerian is the source of this information.

Their frequent social media appearances, however, gradually dwindled away. Following that, the two broke up.

Why did Sofia Bevarly and Dan Bilzerian end their relationship?

There was no official confirmation from the two as to why they decided to end their relationship. However, sources suggest it’s because Dan has a habit of falling out of love too quickly.

We’ve all seen Dan’s lifestyle, and based on that, it’s logical to assume he’s moved on and found someone else. Sofia, on the other hand, has moved on and is now enjoying her life.

Who is Sofia Bevarly’s current boyfriend?

Sofia is not dating anyone right now. Following her fantastic romance with Dan, the social media star has kept her personal life private.

As of 2020, Bevarly is in a single relationship.

Sofia Bevarly’s net worth

Her estimated net worth is $250,000. Her main sources of income have been sponsored postings and endorsement partnerships.

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