Lauren German’s Relationship History – Her Current Boyfriend And Previous Relationships!

Lauren German, a well-known actress, played the lesbian “Leslie Shay” in the infamous series Chicago Fire.

Despite her notoriety, Lauren German stated that portraying a lesbian part was not a huge concern for her. Not only that but the blonde beauty is most recognized for her role as Chloe Decker on Lucifer. But do any of the cast members have children in real life?

Lauren is a lesbian

Lauren German, the 1.7 m tall actress, stated that she has played a few lesbians and has homosexual and lesbian partners. She doesn’t think it’s any different. Leslie Shay’s portrayal gained her the parts she desired, including one as a hooker and another in the medical area.

Lauren German had always wanted to play a character with a medical background. It’s because she admired her father’s work as a professional doctor. Lauren, aside from Leslie Shay, has had a few more parts in her career, including Jennifer’s Standing Still in 2005.

Lauren German- Relationship Status

Lauren German is a mysterious character when it comes to discussing her dating relationships. According to sources, she currently has only one lover in her dating history. She is romantically linked to fellow actor Ashton Holmes, who rose to prominence after appearing in The Divided. In June 2007, Lauren and her claimed boyfriend fueled dating rumors.

Lauren has been dating Ashton for fourteen years. However, neither party has issued an official statement regarding the breakup. Both of them appear to be close to each other. German and Holmes routinely engage in mini-conversations over Twitter. However, they are both currently single.

Lauren German, the Lucifer star, does she have children?

Lauren German, without a doubt, starred in five seasons of the criminal drama alongside her on-screen love interest Tom Ellis. Some viewers would like to see them together in real life as well. Fans are curious about Chloe’s relationship with her family throughout the series.

Lauren and her ex-husband Dan Espinoza have a young daughter named Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) (Kevin Alejandro). Viewers have watched her combine a rigorous work schedule with raising Trixie over the course of five seasons. Chloe, on the other hand, is recognized as a dedicated mother who would climb mountains to defend her daughter.

Not only that, but Trixie herself has been a part of numerous important stories on the program. She will most likely continue to appear in the show’s sixth and final season, which is now in production. Because everyone knows how important motherhood is in Chloe’s life, fans have pondered if the actor is also a mother. German does not have any children and has attempted to keep her personal life private.

Lauren German uses Instagram to keep her fans up to speed on her daily life and family. She frequently shares photos of herself at home or with her pet dog. Aside from that, she occasionally reveals behind-the-scenes Lucifer footage. And based on what she’s shared with followers, Lauren doesn’t appear to be in a relationship right now.

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