Lauren Chandiram: Find Out Everything You Need to Know

Lauren Chandiram, Robert James-wife, Collier’s is remembered as a result of her husband’s legacy. She is a well-known wife who is well-known for her fashionable dress at film premieres.

Lauren had already drawn the attention of the media when her husband eventually divulged facts of their relationship to the press. Learn more about Lauren and her way of life by looking at the facts below.

“@BritActorsFan #ThemeTuesday #Family #Rob James-Collier with his lovely mate #Lauren Chandiram

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Lauren Chandiram: 10 Interesting Facts

  • Lauren Chandiram and her spouse, Robert James-Collier, are currently married. For the first time, the couple’s dating connection was made public in 2007. Their lovey-dovey relationship has blossomed since then.
  • Lauren Chandiram is a devoted mother and a devoted wife to her husband. She and her husband, Robert James-Collier, have a ten-year-old son named Milo, according to OK Magazine.
  • Robert James, her husband, is a British actor best known for playing Liam Connor on Coronation Street.
  • How old is Lauren Chandiram? Lauren Chandiram’s precise age is unknown, however, she could be younger than her 45-year-old husband Robert.
  • We don’t know what he does for a living or how long he’s been in the workforce, so we can’t estimate her current net worth. Her husband, on the other hand, has an $11 million net worth.
  • Lauren looks to be a great fan of high-end fashion. She attended the premiere of the Downton Abbey film in September 2019 wearing a Monse gown with an asymmetric hem.
  • Her husband, Robert, is one inch shorter than Chandiram. As a result, she could reach a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.87 meters).
  • Lauren Chandiram’s biography is not available on Wikipedia, unlike her husband’s. But don’t worry; we’ve included her exclusive bio in this article. (
  • Lauren has kept a low profile when it comes to her family, therefore little is known about her parents and siblings.
  • There is no account with her username on any social media network, thus she does not appear to be active.

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