Late YouTuber Mari Lopez Passed Away Due To Cancer?

Mari Lopez, a YouTuber, died of breast cancer in December 2017. She had posted videos claiming that eating vegan food and praying had healed her.

Mari Lopez was well-known for her cancer awareness videos that went viral. She posted videos on YouTube describing how faith in God and a vegan diet helped her. She believed it had cured her stage four breast cancer diagnosis. Liz Johnson, the late YouTuber’s cousin, appeared in videos with her.

Mari and Liz had their own YouTube channel called “Liz & Mari.” As of 2018, the channel had over 12K subscribers and over 1.1 million views on its videos. Liz is now the sole operator of the channel.

Mari Lopez, a late YouTuber

Mari Lopez, until her last breath, never gave up hope. Nobody would guess Mari was suffering from stage 4 breast cancer just by looking at her. Her viewers, too, believed her remedies were working and that she was getting better. Mari felt like she was healing, which may sound ridiculous and unappealing to some. She had previously been an alcoholic, and she claims that God assisted her in quitting.

Mari used to be a lesbian and lived a gay lifestyle, but her faith in God and her commitment to the vegan lifestyle helped her to overcome her homosexuality.

But why would people spend so much money on therapy and medications if cancer could be cured so easily? In Mari’s case, the same thing happened.

Mari Lopez’s cancer returned after she stopped taking her medications and switched to a vegan diet. Mari became ill in the summer of 2017, and by October, doctors had discovered that cancer in her blood had spread to her lungs and liver. Mari Lopez, the YouTuber, unfortunately, died in December.

Liz’s mother is to blame

Mari’s niece still believes that the vegan diet helped her aunt recover from cancer. Liz, on the other hand, blames Mari’s death on her mother. Mari’s mother, Liz believes, encouraged Mari to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy when her pain and suffering became unbearable.

In addition, she claims that her mother bought Mari burgers, forcing her to abandon her vegan lifestyle.

Regardless of who is to blame, we all hope that Mari Lopez, the late YouTuber, is now in a better place and rests in peace.

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