LaRoyce Hawkins Has a 3-Year-Old Child with His Undisclosed Girlfriend!

LaRoyce Hawkins is known for keeping his private dating life and romances discreet, which is why the news that he is a father came as a shock to many admirers.

Even the actor was surprised when LaRoyce Hawkins first heard the good news, so don’t blame the fans.

Regardless of the initial shock, the Chicago Police Department was able to recover. The actor has taken to parenting with gusto and is enjoying his new position.

Focusing on a Serious Relationship

LaRoyce Hawkins has always had a relaxed attitude about romantic relationships. He previously stated that he has no desire to marry or have a wife. The majority of his older tweets from 2013 show his relatively diametrically opposed views on marriage.

Despite the fact that the tweet was likely a jest, it revealed information about the actor’s connections, or lack thereof. Hawkins has also never been outspoken about his dating life, simply hinting at it.

Fortunately, throughout the years, the adored TV personality has grown wiser, preferring a lasting partnership over his previous short, ‘no strings attached’ indulgence.

When asked about his dating life in a 2016 interview with Rolling Out, he said he was in a relationship. He also acknowledged that he had matured and indicated that he preferred to be with one person rather than go on several dates.

Has a Son with Baby Mama

Although he is still unmarried, the 32-year-old has already become a father.

Because Hawkins tries to keep his personal life hidden from prying eyes in the media, little is known about his son’s mother. On social media, the rising star made no mention of a possible love partner, even if only in passing. (Sildenafil Citrate) But the actor isn’t shy about showing off his lovely three-year-old son Roman John (Ro) on social media.

Fans have become accustomed to seeing little Ro and his activities plastered throughout his celebrity father’s social media accounts, but the revelation came as a surprise at first.

LaRoyce Hawkins Son
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In a 2019 interview, his costar Patrick John Flueger summed it up appropriately, noting that knowing about Hawkins’ son was “strange.” In the same interview, Hawkins shared the screen with Flueger and echoed some of his colleague’s sentiments, calling it “strange, but amazing.”

While filming, the Chicago P.D. star learned of his child’s birth and was subsequently driven to Rockford Hospital by fellow cast members to meet his newborn baby.

The star hasn’t spoken anything about his child’s mother.

Pictures of Ro, on the other hand, can be viewed on the Instagram account of BT Anderson.

On Ro’s second birthday, April 19, 2019, Anderson tweeted a wonderful photo of him. Anderson then gave the caption the heading, “Thank you very much for all of your birthday wishes! It was unquestionably one TWO to remember “‘HeGetsThatFromHisDaddy,’ read the unique hashtag.
BT Anderson could be Hawkins’ current girlfriend, based on her Instagram posts about their son and her support for Hawkins’ efforts on Facebook. Despite this, none of them has ever made their relationship public.

LaRoyce Hawkins, on the other hand, enjoys raising his son. As he explains in a post from August 12, 2019, the pleased daddy already believes that little Ro will outdo him and be a better, more refined version of himself, despite the fact that he is still a toddler.