Kyoyama Anna Bio, Voice Actor, Quotes, Power and Abilities

Who is Kyoyama Anna?

Kyoyama Anna, after her marriage to Yoh, is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. Anna is a second-generation Itako – a traditional Japanese shaman – and is the fiancee and later wife of Asakura Yoh in Shaman King.

Voice Actor of Kyoyama Anna

The Japanese voice actor, Megumi Hayashibara contributed her voice to Kyyama Anna whereas Tara Jayne has voiced for the English version of this character.

Kyoyama Anna
Kyoyama Anna’s voice Actor ( Source: Pinterest)


Anna has blonde hair that is medium length. In the anime series, her eyes are black, while in the manga series, they are amber. She is almost always seen wearing a red bandana; the bandana is usually worn on her head, but after leaving for the Patch Village in America, she starts wearing it around her neck like a scarf and wears black sunglasses.

Anna is dressed in a jet black minidress with a blue rosary necklace around her neck, which she uses for her Itako rituals. She’s wearing red-strapped wooden sandals and a blue bead bracelet on her right wrist.

Anna, who was around 17/18 years old, wore a long, black hooded coat with indie print on the sleeves and bottom, a rosary rolled as a bracelet on her right wrist, and her hair was also longer mid-back.

Anna’s hair has grown long, almost knee-length, which she keeps in place with a white bandana instead of her red bandana at the age of 21. She now wears a long dress with white, red, and purple rippled heart shapes instead of her black dress.


Anna is a pragmatic person who appears cold and harsh. She is aggressive and decisive. She has, however, demonstrated that she genuinely cares for those who are important to her and that she is in love with Yoh. She is fiercely committed to her role as “The Ultimate Shaman Queen” and the wife of Yoh, her first friend. She is convinced that Yoh is destined to become the Shaman King, and that it is her responsibility as his fiancée to prepare him thoroughly.

Anna loves Yoh, despite the fact that she treats him badly – she told Oyamada Manta and Silva about it. When it appeared that Tokageroh would kill Yoh, she became visibly upset. Anna can be very possessive of Yoh, and she once beat him up because she mistook the Oracle Bell he brought home for another woman’s pager.

Anna shows little or no concern for Yoh during a battle on several occasions; the reason for this was later revealed to be because she truly loved Yoh and trusted him to succeed.

She asked Yoh if she could sleep with him the night before he flew to America for the Shaman Fight, and Yoh agreed. Only Amidamaru and Ren are aware of the situation. Also, when Yohken in Hell asks, “Yoh, do you have children as well?” “No…well, how can I say that?” Yoh replied, implying that he and Anna had slept together.

Anna and Asakura Hao appear to have their own strange relationship – Anna disliked Hao and slapped him once. Surprisingly, he was not angry, but rather amused, saying that she was perfectly suited to be the Shaman King’s wife.

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Power and Abilities

Anna is an Itako, a spirit channeler who can summon spirits from anywhere, including the afterlife, where normal shamans are unable to contact spirits. Yoh’s grandmother, who is also an Itako, taught her how to fight. Anna is able to enter a trance with her 1080 beads and then summon spirits by channeling them through the beads.

Anna has had the ability to read people’s minds since she was a child. Hatred breeds various types of Oni as the negative emotions of those around her seep into her heart.

Anna is a physically strong woman, which most people don’t realize due to her slim appearance. She has shown on several occasions that she is not afraid to use violence to subdue anyone, even those she cares about, earning her the nickname “Legendary Left” for her “right-hand slap” and “phantom left-hand slap ” (or “Legendary Right”) among Anna’s friends, especially Manta and Tamamura Tamao.

Anna’s spiritual strength is so great that she was able to seal and control Asakura Hao’s two Shikigami Zenki and Goki in a matter of seconds just by reading how to. She was also the only one who could deal significant damage to Hao in battle by reversing his curses.

Shamanic Spells and Techniques


The ability to summon a spirit at any time and place, as long as she knows who she’s summoning.

Gouma Choubuku 

She used this technique to gain control of Shikigami, Zenki, and Goki of Asakura Hao. She also uses the Shikigamis as a Spirit Ally, and they are extremely powerful.


She was born with the gift of being able to read people’s hearts and minds. She appears to have lost this ability after the Oh-Oni was killed.


This is a prayer that Anna uses to banish spirits to either heaven or hell; which realm they end up in is entirely dependent on who or what she is praying for. Yoh even used this prayer against the Silver Arms, but they were unaffected because, as Silva put it, “those who do not understand the language used or the greater meaning are unaffected.”

– ” The Incantation

Furyoku Nullification

A high-level ability that renders Over Souls and other Furyoku-based techniques useless by preventing them from making contact with the user.
Reflection of the Curse

This technique allows the user to return all curses and spells cast against them to the caster.


Zenki and Goki are two Shikigamis, which are shaman’s familiars, specifically Onmyoji in the case of Zenki and Goki. During Asakura Hao’s previous life, he owned both of them. Tamamura Tamao accidentally broke the seal and released the two demons when Anna was bringing the Ch-Senjiryakketsu to Yoh. Anna quickly learned how to bind them with the Ch-Senjiryakketsu and began using them as her guardian ghosts.


Born on July 22, 1985, in the city of Aomori, Japan. Anna was abandoned as a child because she was born with the ability to see into other people’s minds against their will. Yoh’s grandmother, Asakura Kino, found her and raised her. Anna’s ability to master the Itako arts despite being blind is a testament to her strength. As a result, Yoh’s grandparents arranged for them to marry in order to keep the family bloodline strong.

Anna’s mind-reading ability, known as Reishi, was something she couldn’t even control before meeting Yoh. When she was around other people, she couldn’t help but pick up on their negative emotions. As a result, she began to despise others, which manifested itself involuntarily as an Oni. As a result, she tried to avoid going out as much as possible, spending most of her time in her room.

Anna and Yoh met at Mt. Osore when they were ten years old in 1995. Yoh was on his way to see Kino with Matamune when he saw Anna on the bus stop after rushing out of a store to catch up with Matamune. On his way home, he collided with an Oni, and Yoh would have been injured if Matamune hadn’t arrived in time. She was the one who created the Oni.

Kyoyama Anna
Kyoyama Anna ( Source: Pinterest)

Yoh eventually discovered that Anna does not intentionally release the Oni; it does so of its own volition. Anna appears to have grown accustomed to the Oni, claiming that it will not return unless something is destroyed.

The second time the Oni appeared in front of Yoh, it was a larger version of the previous Oni, which was dubbed the Naka-Oni. Yoh attempted to fight the Naka-Oni solely to save the people; Anna was able to subconsciously call back the Oni after seeing Yoh’s determination.

After the Oni ordeal, they returned home, and Yoh promised Anna that they would go to the temple shrine to make a promise that he would free Anna from the demon. Anna reluctantly agrees, fearful of the worst-case scenario.

When they were at the temple, the worst happened. Matamune arrives to check on Yoh and Anna and notices the Naka-Oni has returned. He smashed it and went to Yoh, who was helping Anna, who appeared to be having trouble breathing due to the Oni’s use of a lot of spiritual power.

Because there were so many people at the temple, Anna was unable to control her ability to read other people’s thoughts, especially during the new year, when people speak their thoughts aloud to make a new year’s wish. By absorbing the power of the nearby Onis, the demon eventually grew into an Oh-Oni.

This Oni could now speak, which was unusual because Onis don’t normally have the ability to do so. The Oh-Oni kidnapped Anna and took her to Mount Osore to help it absorb the power of the lurking spirits in order to gain more power. Because there are so many spirits in Osorezan, Yoh and Matamune realized that if the Oh-Oni used Anna’s power there, she might die of exhaustion or lose Furyoku.

The Oh-Oni grew into a Powered-Up Oh-Oni after arriving at Mount Osore, and he seemed to put Anna into a trance after using her to absorb power. Yoh decided that this had to end once and for all, so Matamune was sacrificed and turned into a sword using Matamune’s necklace as a medium (similar to the final form of the merged Harusame and Futsunomitama). When Anna finally defeated the Oh-Oni, Yoh was able to defeat it more easily.

They defeated the Oni and Anna was set free from the curse; however, Matamune had vanished and all that was left was a necklace with three black claws. Anna grew to love Yoh as a result of his ability to liberate her from the darkness that surrounded her every day. As a token of gratitude, she continued to train him to become a better and stronger shaman, almost never granting him a reprieve.

Coming to Tokyo

Anna is first seen entering Yoh’s hospital room with a bag. She reveals her true identity as Yoh’s fiancée, as well as her plan to train Yoh in preparation for the upcoming Shaman Fight. When Yoh refuses to see things her way, she persuades him by pointing out how difficult it was for him to defeat Tao Ren and citing his recent injuries as proof.

Yoh excuses himself to use the restroom and explains to Manta why he is afraid of Anna. Anna reveals that this year’s Shaman Fight will be held in Tokyo, and she proceeds to torture Yoh for the rest of the summer. Yoh is also forced to endure her training regimen at Shinra Private Academy, where he is terrified of losing his mind in her constant presence.

Anna shows off her itako skills during Yoh’s battle with Tao Jun and Lee Pyron when she decides the battle has gone on long enough and summons Pyron’s master. She is concerned about Yoh when a frail old man is summoned, but the master quickly astounds everyone by easily defeating Pyron. Pyron and Jun are seen leaving as friends by the rest of the gang.

Anna is seen crying for the first time when Tokageroh takes possession of Yoh and she fears that Tokageroh will kill Yoh. When the ghost thanks Yoh, Anna reverts to her terrifying self and boosts Yoh’s training. Anna informs Umemiya Ryunosuke that Ryu is a shaman when he wakes up the next morning. She also sends Mosuke into Ryu’s body to resurrect Harusame and declares Ryu’s debt paid.

Shaman Fights in Tokyo

When the Destiny Star appears, Anna explains what it means and increases Yoh’s training by threefold. While Yoh is taking his test, Anna goes home and makes Manta cook. She explains why she thinks Yoh could be Shaman King and why she adores him. Yoh has a pager (in reality an Oracle Bell) and a hair on his body when he returns home.

Anna thrashes Yoh because she believes they are from another woman. Yoh tries to oversell to show Anna what he’s learned, but he realizes he’s out of Furyoku and all he’s got is Amidamaru in a rather explicit position to show for it. Anna defeats him even more, and the beeper sounds, signaling Yoh’s first match, against a man named Usui Horokeu.

When Yoh is preparing for his first match, Anna goes shopping. She tells him to come inside because she is tired from shopping and has a task to complete. The rest of the time passes quickly, and the battle day arrives. Yoh complains that his new battle outfit looks exactly like the one he wore when he was four years old.

Yoh should not embarrass the Asakura Family while fighting in the tournament and is ready to bust their heads in, Anna reveals that she has personally witnessed it. Yoh, on the other hand, quickly changes his mind and now enjoys the costume. Horohoro then calls down from the sky, dropping sixty stories and mocking the costume.

Horohoro is punched in the mouth by Anna, who reveals that she is Yoh’s fiancée. The battle starts, and Yoh is losing for a while. Horohoro later reveals his dream, and Yoh considers giving up. The battle resumes after Anna smacks him back to normal. Anna then watches Yoh win before returning home with the rest of the group.

Yoh, Anna, and Manta travel to Yokohama for the match at the Foreigners Cemetery when the next match is announced. The Ten Patch Officiants’ Silva shows up and makes fun of Anna for a while. While Yoh waits for the fight, Silva and Anna go off to do something else.

Anna and Silva meet at a restaurant and have a brief conversation. According to Silva, a shaman killed another shaman during a previous fight, and that shaman is Yoh’s current opponent.

Anna is unconcerned about it and continues to eat. The shaman is then revealed to be a necromancer, according to Silva. Anna is now concerned, and she is well aware of the dangers that these types of shamans can pose in a cemetery like this one. Anna walks away, refusing to give up the match. Anna goes to the store to purchase a raincoat. When she arrives at the match site, she saves Manta but sees Yoh lose.

Both Anna and Silva rush in to save Yoh when Faust summons his twenty-two-ton skeleton, but Tao Ren appears on his horse and defeats it. He justifies his actions by claiming that he could not let his next opponent die in such a manner.

After seeing Yoh lose Manta in the hospital, Anna joins him at the Asakura Family Inn in Izumo, where Yoh is seeking additional training from his grandfather. Tamamura Tamao is later stopped from killing Manta and Ryu by Anna. They proceed to Yomi’s hole to await Yoh’s return. Yoh appears and looks exactly the same. Anna inquires as to why Yoh isn’t half-dead, to which Yoh responds that it doesn’t matter.

On Yohmei’s request, Anna arrives a little later, bringing Amidamaru and Harusame. Yoh easily defeats the Shikigami Yohmei employs, as Anna observes. The next day, they return to Tokyo. Anna declines to attend Yoh’s final match, claiming that stopping fights between men are pointless.

Tamao is asked by Anna to go grocery shopping and relax. Since she used Ponchi and Conchi to watch the entire fight, Anna knows Yoh is tied with Ren. People show up at Yoh’s door the next day to invite him to a party, which he gladly accepts.

The night before Yoh’s second round, Anna and Tamao prepare a meal for him, but because he spends so much time with Manta, he never returns home to eat, and when he does, Anna appears to be half asleep. Anna, on the other hand, travels to Yoh and presents him with his new battle uniform as well as a package sent by Yohmei.

As she prepares to leave, she mentions Yoh’s long absence and asks if she could sleep with him for one night only, to which Yoh agrees. Yoh leaves the next day, leaving Anna alone for a while.

Travel Through America

She obtains a ride to America by enlisting the assistance of Manta. Tamao, the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu, and her newly acquired Shikigami accompany her (which were said to be difficult to catch although she does this with great ease.). Hao, who is very interested in her, attacks her as soon as she arrives.

When he closes in on her, she is shown to be a little scared, but she retaliates with her Phantom left. Which had knocked him out. When she finds Yoh, she tells him passionately, and to everyone’s surprise, he responds with equal zeal. Yoh’s team is then taught the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu by her. After a month has passed, they are both informed of Asakura Hao.

Shaman Fights Second Round

During the month-long time jump, Anna taught the Ultra Senji Ryakettsu to Yoh’s Team Funbari Onsen. She’s also been seen demonstrating a number of abilities that would improve Yoh’s chances of winning. She has developed a more calm and caring demeanor, as evidenced by her comforting Tamao after witnessing Iron Maiden Jeanne kill Team “Niles.”

When she slaps Yoh after he quits the shaman fight, a murderous sound is heard, and Yoh is then seen laying in his own pool of blood. Her bravery has also increased as she has shown no signs of distress when attacked by Hao.

Invading the Plants

Shaman King Flowers

Her son, Asakura Hana, is the protagonist, and she is only mentioned and appears once in a flashback.

When Yohmei is on his deathbed, he orders Tamao to protect Hana from the Asakura Family branch, telling her that she didn’t have to worry about Anna or Yoh, implying that they were already more than capable of protecting themselves, even if Yoh and, by extension, Anna would be targeted.

Anna is said to have brought the Hana-Gumi Waitresses to the Inn in order to attract customers, and she, along with Tamao, is likely to punish them if they don’t obey.

Uta no Funbari

Anna has married Yoh and given birth to a boy named Asakura Hana during the time jump between the main series and Funbari no Uta. She and Yoh embark on a journey around the world with their infant son, but they are killed in the Middle East and end up in Hao’s realm in the Great Spirit.

Through blackmail, Anna forces him to resurrect all three of them. Hao accomplishes this while implanting Oni’s into Hana as a fail-safe mechanism to prevent him from dying again. After Anna and Yoh have been gone for a long time, Hana is given to Tamao to be raised under her care, and Hana comes to believe Tamao is his real mother.

Anna was briefly seen in the Funbari no Uta walking from the Funbari Hill station back to the Inn with an adult Asakura Yoh.

Anna and Yoh arrive just as the five elemental warriors are discussing their final confrontation with Hao. Yoh reveals that they have been away in order to fulfill his brother’s promise of making the world a better place. Anna and Yoh return to the Funbari Inn and pray at the shrine for their deceased friends until the party begins.

Kyoyama Anna
Kyoyama Anna ( Source: Pinterest)

Anna is back to her old terrifying self after the party, when the program from the Shaman fight arrives. She walks into the group, which is drunk and sleeping all over the place, and inquires as to how long they intend to do so. She claims that their fight isn’t over yet, and that they should keep in mind that the next Shaman Fights aren’t for another half-millennium.

She stomps on Yoh’s face and calls him nave when he says it was so far ahead in time that even the Oh-Oni would laugh at her. The “Shaman Fights in Tokyo 2000 Official Program” is presented to the group by Anna. Yoh gets up and asks Anna directly while tending to his sore cheek as the group mulls over who could have written it.

She says that while the next fight may be five centuries away, she still wants one of the Asakura descendants to inherit the Shaman King title, and she instructs Yoh to begin reading it. She casts an evil glare at Yoh and warns him not to forget the promise he made to her.


“I don’t wear these beads just to make a fashion statement. These are my spirit beads – my link to the afterlife.”

“Humans only can reveal their true potential during an absolutely critical situation.”

“Because I aim to be the First Lady of the shaman world… You will become Shaman King, whether you want to or not.”

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