Kyoko Takimoto Bio, Voice Actor, BestFriend

Kyoko Takimoto is Sakura Yamauchi’s best friend and one of the main supporting characters in the I Want to Eat Your Pancreas series. At the conclusion of the story, it is hinted that she may end up dating Issei Miyata.

Issei and Kyoko are getting married in the live-action version.


Kyoko is a petite woman with a slim build. Her brown hair is short and falls to the bottom of her neck, with an uneven bang that covers part of her forehead and a thick, short lock of hair framing the sides of her face. She has a small mole beneath her left eye and thin eyes with reddish-brown pupils. Kyoko’s hair has grown noticeably longer since Sakura’s death, now reaching just below her chin.

Kyoko has a serious or aggressive expression on her face most of the time.

Kyoko Takimoto
Kyoko Takimoto ( Source: Pinterest)


Kyoko can be cold to people she suspects or doesn’t trust at all, as she demonstrates when she interacts with Haruki Shiga. Despite being repeatedly rejected by Sakura, she warns her that she shouldn’t hang out with Haruki.

Though she appears cold and aggressive at first glance, Kyoko is known for being sweet to close friends like Sakura, but this trait is only revealed after Sakura’s death at the end of the film.


Sakura and Haruki are eating Yakiniku and Offal together when Kyoko walks in on them. She scolds Sakura for dating Haruki, assuming it’s a date, saying there are better guys in her league. Sakura declines, claiming that it isn’t a date.

Kyoko Takimoto
Kyoko Takimoto and Sakura Yamauchi ( Source: Pinterest)

After that, Kyoko is seen slapping Issei Miyata for not mopping the floor of their classroom. She gives Haruki an aggressive scowl when she notices him.

Kyoko is next seen on the balcony, speaking with Haruki and inquiring as to why he had gone on a trip with Sakura. When Haruki doesn’t respond, Kyoko knocks his book from his grasp, causing it to fall off the balcony and become soaked. If something happens to Sakura, she threatens to kill him.

Kyoko then pays a visit to Sakura in the hospital, but she accidentally walks in on Haruki and Sakura hugging. She storms in, furious, only to be stopped by Sakura, who ecstatically embraces Haruki and bombards her with questions, buying Haruki time to flee.

Kyoko and Sakura’s other friends can be seen crying during Sakura’s funeral.

Haruki then invites Kyoko to a cafe, where he allows her to read Sakura’s Living With Dying, which causes her to cry as she mourns the loss of her best friend. Haruki then asks Kyoko to be his friend.


Kyoko and Haruki have become friends by the end of the film, and they visit Sakura’s grave together. Kyoko can be seen giving Haruki gum, implying that she may have ended up with Miyata, who is frequently seen chewing gum or offering gum to peers. Kyoko and Haruki go to Sakura’s home to see Sakura’s family after paying their respects to Sakura.


Sakura Yamauchi 

Kyoko and Sakura are very close friends who care deeply for each other, which explains Kyoko’s grief after her death. Kyoko was usually protective of Sakura, which explains her hostile attitude toward Haruki.

Kyoko Takimoto
Kyoko Takimoto, Sakura Yamauchi, and Haruki Shiga ( Source: Pinterest)

Haruki Shiga 

Though they had a rocky start due to Kyoko’s aggressive behavior toward him, the two appear to have reconciled by the end of the series and become friends. They are seen together visiting Sakura’s grave and then heading to Sakura’s family a year later.

Issei Miyata

At first, the two appeared to have a love-hate relationship, with Kyoko punishing him for slacking off or refusing to work.

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