Kristen Torrianni: Inside Her Career, Marriage, Husband, & More

Kristen Torrianni is a well-known actress who has made brief appearances in shows such as Black Lightning (2017), Film Geek (2005), and Hart of Dixie (2011).

Kristen Torrianni is most known as the wife of Cress Williams, a German-born American actor.

Torrianni’s husband is an actor best known for his work in Prison Break and Close to Home. His most noteworthy performances were Mayor Lavon Hayes on Hart of Dixie and the title character on Black Lightning on The CW. Cress and his wife, Torrianni, have two children and have been married since the early 2010s.

While Williams is a well-known figure in the television industry, the same cannot be said for his better half. Decode as much as you can about Kristen Torrianni’s whereabouts in the item below.

Kristen Torrianni’s Past Is Unknown

Kristen has yet to reveal where her family genealogy stems from, nor has she made any effort to reveal her exact birth date. She is thought to be in her 40s and is possibly of Italian heritage.

Kristen has revealed that she used to play soccer for the American Youth Soccer Organization as a child. This she revealed in September 2018 on Instagram, when she shared a throwback photo of herself wearing a soccer jersey outfit.

Cress Williams’ wife, Kristen Torrianni, as a child.

Kristen Torrianni, Cress Williams’ wife, with her soccer squad when she was a child.

Wedding of Kristen Torrianni and Cress Williams

Cress and Kristen tied the knot in Texas on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Williams donned a khaki suit, a blue shirt, and a straw hat to the wedding. Torrianni, for her part, wore a sleeveless white gown.

According to some sources, Kristen married the Never Been Kissed actor on the Hawaiian island of Kauai on May 21, 2013, and held a formal wedding reception in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 13.

Cress Williams of Black Lightning with his wife, actress Krsiten Torrianni.

Cress Williams and his wife, Kristen Torrianni, from Hart of Dixie.

Torrianni and her husband’s wedding reception was held in Los Angeles’ ATX by kitchen 12000 and was attended by approximately 150 of their family and friends.

“The wedding was a small affair on the beach, attended by the bride’s and groom’s parents as well as Cress’ daughter,”

Williams’ representative reported shortly after the wedding. Cress and Torrianni stayed on Kauai for nine days after their wedding, according to the actor’s rep. While it was The Doom Generation actor’s second marriage, Torrianni was walking down the aisle for the first time.

Kristen Torrianni and Cress Williams met through mutual friends.

Kristen supposedly met her future husband, Williams, in 2006 at a religious group. They progressively became good friends after that when they began having a weekly dinner party together, the first of which was in 2011.

The wedding of Kristen and Cress was attended by a number of distinguished guests.

The wedding and reception were attended by the actor’s Hart of Dixie co-stars Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and Kaitlyn Black. Cress’ on-screen girlfriend Kaitlyn Black (Annabeth Nass) and show creator Leila Gerstein were also present.

Cress Williams and Kristen Torrianni, his wife whom he married in June 2013.

In June 2013, actor Cress Williams married his actress girlfriend Kristen Torrianni.

However, Rachel Bilson and Jaime King, who was pregnant at the time, were unable to attend. Porter had married casting producer Kelsey Mayfield in Texas a couple months previously on April 20.

He also posted photos from Cress and Kristen’s wedding on his own Instagram account. The newlyweds, many floral arrangements, and two chalkboards were all featured in one collage.

Porter said in the caption, “Celebrating Cress and his gorgeous bride!” “I wish for an eternity of love.” At the reception, Williams and his co-star Porter also sang Boys II Men’s End of the Road.

Kristen’s husband is the father of two children from a previous marriage.

Cress began seeing the former youth soccer player during the last stages of his divorce from his first wife, Simbi Khali.

They were married for 11 years, from 2000 until 2011, and had two children. Simbi Khali, Williams’ first wife, is an actress best known for her role as Nina Campbell on the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Simbi Khali, Cress Williams’ ex-wife, with whom he was married from 2000 to 2011.

Cress Williams’ ex-wife, Simbi Khali, is Kristen Torrianni’s spouse.

Cress, like his present wife Kristen, has two children. While neither Torrianni nor her husband reveal much about their children, the Prison Break veteran revealed in August 2018, when discussing his and Kristen’s then-fifth anniversary,

“My wife and I are going to celebrate our fifth-year anniversary.”

The West German-born actor also mentioned his wife’s second pregnancy, saying,

“With that and the new baby on the way, everything feels like a fresh start.” Not to say I blew my first chance, but I made some blunders both professionally and emotionally.”

Torrianni’s actor husband went on to say that he felt like he was in a second act with his second wife and the time they were at the moment.

He closed by noting that the lessons he’d learnt would be the only things he’d be bringing with him, with no baggage.

Kristen Torrianni has appeared in films and television shows.

Torrianni, like her husband, is an actress who has appeared in a few films. To add to that, despite having ten or so film and television credits, Cress’ current husband has failed to land her first lead part.

She made her big-screen debut as Godard Customer 2 in the 2005 film Film Geek. Prior to that, as a young adolescent, she appeared in the short film The Kite Messenger.

Screening of Kristen Torrianni

Torrianni then appeared in three limited-run productions in a row: Darling Nikki (as Audrey), Paper Thin Walls (as Maid), and The Admission (Janet). Kristen appeared in another short film, Never Give A Sucker A Rap In The Mouth, in 2011.

Her second appearance in a feature film came in the 2011 film The Other Side, portraying Sara. Torrianni played Midas’ daughter in another short film, The Man With The Midas Touch, the same year.

Three years later, she would appear as Eliza in an episode of her husband’s show, Hart of Dixie, titled Stuck. She also had a one-episode role on Adam And Jamero that year.

Torrianni’s most recent TV appearances include an episode of the CW supernatural series Black Lightning in which she played a news anchor in the episode The Book Of Ruin: Chapter Two: Theseus’ Ship (2021).

Cress, Kristen’s husband, is a millionaire.

Although not confirmed, it is popularly assumed that Kristen’s husband, Cress, is a millionaire. Despite the fact that the presumption has little to no credibility.

While some sources claim his net worth is more than $1 million, since his career began in the early 1990s, the figure appears to be an understatement.

Whatever the case, the now 51-year-old has a lot to prove, given the rising ratings and public interest in his new series, Black Lightning.

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